Free Teleseminar – “Three Steps to Stop Shortening Your Life via Your Eating Habits”

Why do I feel so horrible after I eat?

Free Teleseminar

Three Steps to Stop Shortening Your Life via Your Eating Habits”

by Luba Rokpelnis, Lifestyle Trainer

When: Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Time: 7 PM Central

Location: Virtually (via phone)


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This is for you if:

~ You are eating on the go more often than you would like to admit.

~ You know your eating habits are not optimal, yet you do not know how to start changing them.

~ You realize that you have health issues that run in your family and do not want to be the next one who has those health issues.

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In this teleseminar you will learn:

~ Why food is an important part of your wellbeing

~ Three ways your food is killing you.

~ Three steps to take to change the course of your health.


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A joyful client is grateful that she was supported from eating on the go to eating at home. Her entire life changed for the better, and she felt great about cooking her own meals, even though she was not cooking for a family.  Cooking her own meals changed every part of her life for the better!  The structure that we co-created through coaching was a huge help to her otherwise chaotic life.

Please note: You must register in advance to receive the dial-in information for this teleseminar! In addition, it is imperative that you add my email address to your “white list” or address book so that you receive all important details and reminders for the call. Here is the email address: contact (at) healthywithluba (dot) com. You will want to make every effort to come to the live call because there will be a question and answer time at the end.




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