Webinar: Seven Ways Caffeine Is Damaging Your Health!

Do you feel as though you cannot live without caffeine?  Are you so tired you can’t think straight?

Free Webinar – “Seven Ways Caffeine Is Damaging Your Health”

by Luba Rokpelnis, Lifestyle Trainer

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Date:  Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 2 PM Central (replay will be available for those who register)

Where:  virtually on your tablet, phone, or computer (You will receive a link after you register.)


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This is for you if:

  • You feel as though you cannot live without caffeine.
  • You are struggling with re-occurring health issues.
  • You want to experience natural energy levels and do not know how.

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In this free webinar, you will learn . . . .

  • Why caffeine is harmful for you.
  • Several reasons why you could be so tired
  • Three ways to overcome your fatigue without caffeine!

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Please note that this webinar will be available only for those who register ahead of time.  Since seating is limited, be sure to reserve your spot right away!

As someone who has experienced extreme fatigue, I can relate to you if you are exhausted.  I could not drink any caffeinated beverages due to my acute sensitivity to caffeine and left only half alive at times, even after ten or twelve hours of sleep.  Gratefully, all that changed when I began taking proper care of my health!  Now I can wake up early to see my husband off to work; four years ago, I was struggling to wake up at 10 or 11 am sometimes.  It’s such a blessing to feel this difference!

Recently my husband, who works hard physically, went on a business trip where he worked twelve-hour days.  When he came home, he looked exhausted.  Very nonchalantly, I asked if he had taken his super food.  He looked at me very kindly and said nothing.  It was then that I realized that I forgot to pack it for him!  Next week, I made it a point to pack his super food, and he came back home much more refreshed in body and spirit!  It was a night and day difference!

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