What is wrong with me?  I work part-time, eat well, sleep 10-12 hours a night and still feel exhausted and lethargic.  That was my story over four years ago.  Well-meaning friends and family had encouraged me to try this vitamin, that drink, or this doctor.  None of it worked for me.  That is, until my mom stepped in.  “Well, here’s what worked for me,” she said.  “What do I have to lose?” I thought.  And that is where my journey began in 2013.  Shortly after we followed Mom’s recommended path, we traveled overseas and were outside in the bitter cold for extended periods of time.  Instead of having to visit the doctor in a foreign country, both my husband and I returned home feeling better than we ever had.  Since then, we have continued on the path to much better well being and staying out of the doctor’s office.  We both feel better physically than we did a decade ago (and we are both young)!  God has blessed us so much, and we are excited to help others on their journey to being better stewards of God’s temple.