Client Testimonials

I was experiencing a persistent, phlegm producing cough and sore throat that would not go away. I do not normally like to go to doctors if I can avoid it so I was trying occasional Ibuprofen and frequent Halls cough drops. For a while the cough drops would relieve the soreness in my throat and even lessen the coughing but shortly after sucking on the cough drop my cough would be back. Because I needed the cough drops so often I was alternating vitamin c cough drops with medicated cough drops. After a while the cough drops quit working even while I was sucking on them.

My friend, Luba Rokpelnis, asked if I would like to try using a lotion that you put in very hot water and breathe in under a tent as well as diffusing lavender oil while I slept. The very first time that I used these products I could feel a difference. As I continued using the products I was soon able to teach through an entire class without coughing. These products worked quickly and efficiently. I can now teach through an entire day without a coughing fit!

~ Savannah from Minneapolis, Minnesota



I reached out looking for help with my infant daughter’s screaming fits in the evening. She was such a good baby, and one day it just changed, but only before bed. She would scream for up to 2 hours without any warning or understanding why. I wanted a homeopathic remedy, but wasn’t sure what. Luba graciously introduced me to aloe.  I began with only a tiny drop at a time, slowly building up each week in her milk, once a day. Day by day, the fits decreased. She was my happy little baby again!  I haven’t tried too many things because she is still so young, but I am relieved to have found something that works, and worked so quickly!  She now sleeps soundly through the night without screaming fits, and is content snuggling before bed now! 🙂
~ Natalie from Minneapolis, Minnesota