Client Testimonials

Hi, my name is Sharon, and I am a 55-year-old wife, mother and grandmother. Starting back in my teen years I have struggled with my weight. If there is a diet plan out there, I’ve tried it. Oh sure, I would lose some weight only to gain it all back plus some.

As I got older, beside carrying extra weight, I started experiencing aching joints, sore muscles and a general feeling of inflammation throughout my entire body along with a big sweet tooth. It got to the point of being chronic. Every day I was putting up with low grade chronic pain each waking moment and not being able to sleep more than 2 hours at a time and that was taking Advil every night. My hip joints would hurt so badly they would wake me up, and I would have to change position only for the cycle to repeat itself throughout the night.

All I could think of was good grief! I’m only 55! What am I going to be like when I really get old? My feverish search of the internet for the latest and greatest cure began. Oh my goodness, talk about confusing! All I knew, that in my heart I wanted a natural, organic solution. This is when I started talking with Luba Rokpelnis. Through her consultation, she suggested Forever Daily vitamins and Forever Nature-Min mineral supplements. I was on those for about a month or more and I added Forever Active Probiotic. It was with the addition of the Probiotic that I really started feeling results. It was gradual but then I realized, hey! I’m not hurting during the day anymore!


That nagging inflammatory feeling was gone! My sleep has improved dramatically as well.  No I’m not sleeping the whole night through but it’s not my aching joints that wake me up. When I get out of bed I can actually move and stand up straight! This new sense of wellbeing has been such a blessing to me! Since I feel better I’m able to exercise more and I have started a Bible based weight loss plan that focuses on turning my life over to the Lord in ways I never thought about before. All these things have encouraged me and it all started when I found Luba and her products that address the whole body to work together as God intended. Now I can say hey there’s hope for this old woman yet! Praise the Lord! Thanks, Luba!


Sharon’s Pie Shoppe
Hastings MN


I was experiencing a persistent, phlegm producing cough and sore throat that would not go away. I do not normally like to go to doctors if I can avoid it so I was trying occasional Ibuprofen and frequent Halls cough drops. For a while the cough drops would relieve the soreness in my throat and even lessen the coughing but shortly after sucking on the cough drop my cough would be back. Because I needed the cough drops so often I was alternating vitamin c cough drops with medicated cough drops. After a while the cough drops quit working even while I was sucking on them.

My friend, Luba Rokpelnis, asked if I would like to try using a lotion that you put in very hot water and breathe in under a tent as well as diffusing lavender oil while I slept. The very first time that I used these products I could feel a difference. As I continued using the products I was soon able to teach through an entire class without coughing. These products worked quickly and efficiently. I can now teach through an entire day without a coughing fit!

~ Savannah from Minneapolis, Minnesota



I reached out looking for help with my infant daughter’s screaming fits in the evening. She was such a good baby, and one day it just changed, but only before bed. She would scream for up to 2 hours without any warning or understanding why. I wanted a homeopathic remedy, but wasn’t sure what. Luba graciously introduced me to aloe.  I began with only a tiny drop at a time, slowly building up each week in her milk, once a day. Day by day, the fits decreased. She was my happy little baby again!  I haven’t tried too many things because she is still so young, but I am relieved to have found something that works, and worked so quickly!  She now sleeps soundly through the night without screaming fits, and is content snuggling before bed now! 🙂
~ Natalie from Minneapolis, Minnesota