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Does it seem that you are constantly exhausted?

As someone who has battled exhaustion for several years and has learned to overcome it, I invite you to a special teleseminar so that I can share with you why you don’t have to feel exhausted 24/7!

Free Telseminar

“Three Steps to Stop Feeling Exhausted”

Date: Tuesday, September 13 at 3 PM CT

Where: in the comfort of your home (via phone)

Yes, I want a spot!

This is for you if . . . .

Yes, I want a spot!

  1. You are tired even after sleeping 7 to 8 hours at night.
  2. You wake up feeling refreshed, yet you are exhausted by mid-day.
  3. You feel as though you have enough energy to invest into your relationships or into errands/housework, but not both.
  4. You are tired of being tired.
  5. You may have consumed energy drinks or coffee, but you do not like the energy high and the crash following it.

Yes, I want a spot!

In this teleseminar, you will learn . . .

  1. What exhaustion REALLY is
  2. What will happen if you continue to live as if (or if you don’t stop this NOW)
  3. The three BEST WAYS to deal with exhaustion

Be sure to add contact (at) healthywithluba (dot) com to your white list so that you receive a confirmation email with important dial-in information as well as friendly reminders for this exciting event!

One of my clients was really struggling because she worked as a manager on duty who was not able to take a lunch break when she needed one. However, she still had the energy she needed to carry her through the day! Another client had so little energy after having her second baby; however, within a few weeks she was able to get her household duties done and still have energy for her family!

Because spots are limited, be sure to claim yours right now!

Yes, I want a spot!