Weekly or daily, you hear of someone that makes it into the statistics. This person grew up, finished school, possibly attended college and lived a “normal life.” You know, working hard, eating on the go, not taking proper care of their bodies but “doing their best.”

Then, around their mid-fifties, their health takes a decline in the form of a stroke, amputation due to diabetes, or a hospitalization due to a severe health condition. Friends and family are startled at best and anxious at worst.

However, instead of doing something about their health condition, this person just keeps on going. This health scare does not stop them! They will push past anything to provide for a family. Because this person makes no lifestyle changes, he or she is prone to have this health scare repeat—and possibly much more frightening this time.

Unfortunately, I have seen this happen way to many times. The most concerning problem? That it is deemed normal. The statistics say that such-and-such percentage of people will get such-and-such health issue; therefore, people just go with the flow and figure there is nothing they can do about it.

This is absolutely not normal but rather insane. Will you be able to enjoy your grandchildren? What about your spouse? What will he do without you?

Please note that I am not judging anyone because I was on this road myself. Thankfully, God showed me how I was not properly taking care of myself and needed to change so much. He also showed me a way to improve my health drastically! He used my mom to guide me, and it was a process that took time. Little by little, as I took action on what she guided me to do, I saw true transformation. Everything I have now has been a result of staying consistent for over four years and staying on track following God and taking action as He leads.

My health is so much better than it was ten years ago. Here is the great news: your health and drastically improve too!

I feel so blessed to serve women in the process of transforming their health rather than being in this insane cycle of constant health issues. It is my passion, and I am offering you a gift of an hour-long call with me to discover what is not working for your health, what issues are concerning you right now, and what your ideal health would look like. This call will help you to discover if the work that I do makes sense for you.

I have three spots on my calendar in the next two weeks for a powerful connecting call with me. If you are looking for a deep relationship that includes encouragement, accountability, and support, this call is for you! These calls will go fast, and I encourage you to email me here to get in touch with me right away.

It’s up to you now. Will you keep going the way you have been for years or even decades, or will you take this opportunity that God has given you to change your health for the better? He has given you the choice and will not make it for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Sending you many blessings,