How can I still be tired? I’m sleeping 10 hours every night!

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When I became engaged in 2011 and moved back home in 2012 to plan my wedding, I knew my health would improve because planning my wedding would be my only job.  With plenty of rest, I would feel so much better, right? No, I did not, and actually asked my husband to get insurance for our airplane tickets for our honeymoon as he was purchasing them because I was so afraid at this point.  What if I did not even make it to our wedding date?

Well, in addition to the other health issues I had, now I had low blood pressure, verified by a test in a grocery store pharmacy.  Seriously, was I 27 or 72?  This was crazy.

A couple of weeks after we returned from our honeymoon, I began working a desk job.  Although I was not scrubbing floors or lifting heavy objects constantly, I was thoroughly exhausted after only four hours of work.  At home, there was no energy to do any housework or even to do a load of laundry.  In addition, although I worked second shift, it was still difficult to wake up at 10 or even 11 to go to work. 

Our wedding was in March, and my husband quickly noticed that my health was not improving at all.  My December, he lovingly sent me to the doctor because he wanted to know what my health issues were.  I felt horrible.  First, I do not like visiting doctors.  Second, who knows what they will prescribe, right?  The side effects are worse than the condition for which they are prescribed often!

After a physical and blood work, the doctors told me that I had low hemoglobin (normal for young women) and low vitamin D.  Taking iron even from the health food store meant digestive issues for me, and I quickly stopped taking it.  I would rather deal with one health issue rather than two.  The vitamin D prescribed also did nothing for me.  This all was on top of the other natural remedies I had consistently taken to no avail!

Just a few months into 2013, my mom had a suggestion for my health.  She had something that worked for her and was confident that it would help me too.  Although skeptical at first, I began taking her recommendations and began seeing small yet hopeful improvements rather quickly.

My husband and I visited his grandmother in Europe for her eighty-fifth birthday a few weeks after our healthy living journey began.  Thanks to my mom’s guidance, which we gratefully followed, I came home from Europe feeling very good!  It was a miracle that I felt good in an environment of jet lag, different food, long periods of travel, and bitter cold!

Yes, my husband joined me on this healthy living journey.  His eye sight, joint health, gut health, and dental health have all improved considerably! 

Slowly and steadily, my female issues went away, immunity improved, and my energy levels increased.  I don’t remember the last time I purchased pain killers of any kind, and we do not have them at home.  Waking up at 5 am to see my husband off to work became a reality.  My brain fog went away.  I feel considerably better now than I did as a teenager!

Neither my husband or I have had to visit the doctor for illness in the last four years!  That has saved us time, money, stress, and frustration.

I can write an entire book on how my life has improved with natural remedies and slow, sustainable lifestyle changes.  The best part, though, is that God has opened the door for me to help others with their health!

With four plus years of experience of my own health journey, I know how discouraging poor health can be, and I am here to encourage you on your own journey, to support you, and to keep you accountable.

If you are tired of dealing with the same health issues over and over again, there is hope for you!  I am living proof of that!  Let’s connect for a complimentary call, my gift to you, to see what is in your way of feeling great, how you are feeling now, and how you would love to feel!

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I look forward to our connection!

Sending you God’s blessings,