I am eating what?!

Years ago, my sixth grade teacher mentioned that if Red 40 won’t come out of the carpet or clothes very easily, does it really belong in our bodies?

From then on, I was more conscious of Red 40 (a dye) in my food. As I read ingredient labels, I saw it in yogurt, jello, cereals, fruit bars, and other foods that I was intending to purchase.

However, what I did not realize was that there are many, many other additives to our food that simply don’t belong in it!

Can you please tell me why wheat needs to be bleached and enriched? Bleached? You know what that means, right? It means you are eating bleach. Yes, that cleaner that you need to handle very carefully with gloves and be careful not to breathe too much—is also in your food. That is definitely concerning!

Just think of all the foods that contain wheat: pancakes, bread, muffins, cupcakes, tortillas, rolls, cookies, cakes, brownies, granola bars, waffles, and pasta. Now think of all your meals that include a bread product. It’s an alarming amount of bleach to be eating!

What happens when this bleach goes into your body? Well, it kills whatever nutrition you are receiving from your food. Your pancreas works to filter it, yet it can handle only so much. Is it any wonder that people get pancreatic cancer? (source)

What will you do with the bleach inside your body due to foods you have been eating?

Unless you want your health to suffer terribly, you need to take steps to get the rid of the bleach and other unwanted toxins from your body as soon as possible! Think of all the bleach that has accumulated in your pancreas from years of eating bleached flour products.

The detox that I use myself and recommend to others is very simple. If you are concerned about your health’s let’s have a chat where I can hear what isn’t working for your health right now and take the first step to getting rid of bleach and other nasty toxins that are making you ill.

Just email me right here, and I’ll respond within 24 hours to schedule a call with you.

I look forward to our chat!