3 ways to feel your best this fall #immunity #fluseason #naturalremedies #healthyliving

Does fall usually mean that you are feeling under the weather more often than you would care to admit? Is the changing of the seasons difficult for you?

If so, I know how you feel. Fall was a difficult time because my leisurely summer schedule quickly became much more hectic, and I was around many, many more germs at school or college than I was at home.

Yes, it’s only the beginning of August. However, the best way to take care of yourself is pro-actively, not re-actively. Here are a few tips for you to enjoy this fall season to the fullest:

1. Be sure to get enough sleep.

Yes, when there are so many exciting activities competing for your attention, it is very easy to move sleep from priority #1 to priority #49. However, when you do not get enough sleep, your immunity suffers, your decision making skills are impaired, and your relationships suffer (does anyone else become impatient when you are sleep deprived?). In addition, your productivity at work suffers too. I know this from personal experience!

If every night of your week has an activity, and you are getting home at 9 or 10 pm, it will take its toll on you very fast. I’ve learned this the hard way myself. Some activities and institutions to which I thought I was indispensable do not exist anymore, and I almost worked myself to death on their behalf.

2. Substitute sugar for honey.

While sugar can be so tempting to eat (one reason is that it is in numerous foods in various forms), it is addicting and very harmful to your health. It lowers your immunity, prolongs illness, and causes those unwanted cavities, which mean those dreaded visits to the dentist.

Sugar seems like a great go-to when you are tired and need a quick energy fix. However, that quick energy fix later turns into a crash, which means you need more sugar. It’s a never-ending cycle. I know because I’ve been there too.

On the other hand, honey is much sweeter than sugar, and you do not need much of it to satisfy a sweet tooth.  In addition, honey is medical; it’s sweet and good for you!

Please be warned that much of the honey in stores is fake, boiled, and has sugar or high fructose added to it.

3. Take care of your immunity.

If you begin soon to boost your immunity, you will thank yourself when the weather begins to change and even more when the cold winter months come. Again, being pro-active rather than reactive is always the best route to choose. Missing work, time with your children, and church services all happen when you are under the weather. When you feel like a burden to other people, the misery is doubled or even tripled!

If you would like some additional tips and natural remedies for any of the above, let’s chat! I love helping people because I know exactly how it feels to be miserably under the weather, sleep-deprived, and addicted to sugar. A few lifestyle changes can go far in making you feel so much better.

Email me right away here, and we’ll talk soon to see if what I do is a fit for you. In order to make a recommendation for you, I need to know your specific needs as well as any dietary restrictions, and we will cover all this and more on the call. I am making a change in my business from coaching to consulting with natural remedies, and I am very excited to serve you and many others like you!

Sending you many blessings,