3 tips for a healthy back to school #immunity #backtoschool #healthyliving #hygiene

Does back to school mean that you are constantly on the go, causing you to get run down and feeling under the weather?  Worse yet, your children bring germs home, and they are passed around for weeks and months?

Here are a few helpful tips to keep you feeling well and staying productive with the busyness of back to school!

1.  Stay Hydrated. 

3 tips for a healthy back to school - #immunity #hydration #backtoschool

Since your body is made mostly of water, it’s important to keep drinking water throughout the day.  Be sure it’s not tap water, or you are also drinking lots of unwanted toxins.

Just by staying hydrated you can keep headaches at a minimum.  In addition, your body needs water to help keep your digestive system working properly.  Another important reason to drink water is to flush toxins out of your body.  Go here to learn more about the importance of hydration!

Here is a quick tip:  if you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.  How can you make sure you have water with you all day?

2.  Wash your hands often. 

Think of the door knob that you just touched.  Who knows how many people before you touched it and sneezed in their hands beforehand!  Your keys, money, light switches, escalators, elevator buttons, and many other objects that you touch daily have germs galore on them.  You don’t want to be preparing food, eating your meal, or playing with a baby when your hands have touched these germ-filled objects!

Quick tip:  do not use anti-bacterial soap!  It cannot tell the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria and kills all of it.  In addition, it dries out your hands so that germs can enter your body more easily through your skin.

 3.  Make meal planning a priority.

When your leisurely summer schedule turns into a much more structured season with school back in session, it’s easy to eat on the go more than you realize.  When you take some time every week or two weeks to plan your meals, you can stay healthier by being more conscious of what you are putting into your body.

A steady diet of processed foods and fast food is very hard on your digestive system and will not provide your body with the nutrition that you need!

If you need some additional help doing any of the above, just email me here right away, and we will set up a time to discover what your top concern is with your health right now and make a plan for you to get rid of that problem without any side effects.

Talk to you soon!