“Life happens,” and it’s easy to put your health at a lower priority when your body isn’t necessarily in crisis mode.  However, taking care of your body before your health becomes a crisis is the way to avoid much pain and suffering.

Here are a few reasons to take care of your health now!

1.  You have only one body which is deteriorating already.

Have you noticed that your joints may becoming more stiff, you don’t have as much energy as you do, and it takes a little more effort to climb a mountain or go hiking?

Have you met anyone who says that as they age, they feel much better?  Most people do not.  As a matter of fact, people are beginning to have health issues at much, much younger ages.

My home economics teacher in middle school asked us what the best way to clean up a mess in the kitchen.  We all offered good answers, such as a cleaner and a rag, a sponge, possibly a broom.  Wisely, she told us that the best way to clean up a mess is not to make one in the first place.  Likewise, being proactive in your health can save you from lots of headaches in the future. 

In addition, think of financial planning and estate planning.  People begin planning for their retirement early in life.  Most people are not waiting til they are in their late fifties or early sixties to retire.  Is retirement right around the corner for someone in their thirties?  Certainly not, yet people begin thinking about their retirement years that early.  How much better would you feel if you began taking care of your health right now with some natural remedies?

My husband and I both feel so much better than we did a decade ago thanks to lifestyle changes we have made and natural remedies we use consistently!  Our joints feel better, our eyes work better, and we are hardly ever under the weather! 

2. Each medication you take, or will need to take in the future, will have side effects that can lead to more medication–and more side effects . . . .

Do you take medication?  I challenge you to get out your prescriptions and see what the side effects are.  Once a doctor gave me a prescription for sinus issues.  The side effects were drowsiness, yet I was supposed to take this in the morning.  Well, how could I safely drive to work if I were taking this prescription?  I paid for it but did not take it.

One of my clients works with medical records, and she was appalled at how many medications some people were taken daily!  It was multiple pages for just one person.  Why is this?  Medication A causes side effect B, which means that medication C must be taken to combat those side effects–and it’s a never-ending cycle.

What I love about natural remedies is that there are not side effects.  If you take natural remedies for your digestive issues, you do not have to work about dying from a stroke.

3. Medical bills are extremely expensive.

Have you ever stayed in a hospital?  If you did, I really hope you had health insurance because hospital bills are extremely high and add up very quickly.

A realtor friend of mine recently sold two homes, and the experience was very emotional for her for this reason:  the children were selling their parents’ homes to pay for their parents’ medical bills.  Isn’t that heart-breaking?  Think of the memories those families have in those homes.  They are all gone.  To make matters worse, those dear people lost the place where they lived.

That is the astronomical price of medical bills.  Selling a home to pay for treatments is such a drastic measure to take, and both these families were taking those measures.

Before a disaster strikes and you are appalled at how serious your medical condition is, it’s so important to take care of your body proactively  The longer you wait, the more damage is being done to your health through pesticides in your food, hormones in your meat, and chemicals from household cleaners.  Let’s chat for a few minutes about what your main health concern is, and I can recommend to you a few options for where to begin taking care of yourself.

Just email me here, and I’ll get back with you within 24 hours to schedule a short chat.  I’ll ask you how long you have been dealing with the health issue, if you are taking any medication for it, and how it’s affecting your every day life.

Talk to you soon!