As someone who suffers from joint issues, do you cringe at the thought of cooler weather?

Yes, the rain, snow, and frigid temperatures can turn a painful situation into an unbearable one.

As someone who has struggled with joint issues herself (and still working on maintaining my joints every single day), I can relate to those who are in constant pain.

Here are five day-to-day activities that can become very difficult when you are in constant pain:


1.  Sleeping at night

When your back feels stiff as a board and your knees are in terrible pain, it’s difficult to get a good night’s rest.  You toss and turn all night because you are trying in vain to find a position that feels comfortable.  In turn, you can’t function well in the morning because you wish you were still in bed.

2.  Playing a musical instrument

When your fingers are in pain, the joy of playing a musical instrument can quickly become a nightmare or an impossible task.  If you love music as much as I do, not being able to play an instrument any longer could be devastating.

Think of all the hours you have practiced and the joy you experienced as you created music.  All that is now a memory of the past.


3.  Hiking

You used to enjoy hiking in nature, but since you are suffering from joint issues, you miss the beauty of the outdoors.  If you do go, your pain levels keep you from hiking for any length of time.  You feel embarrassed because you keep family and friends from enjoying a long hike due to your health issues.

In addition, you miss out on social gatherings outdoors just because it is difficult for you to move around so much.  It’s easier to stay home than to reveal to loved ones how much pain you are truly in.


4.  Typing.

In today’s culture, we rely on computers and typing for many daily activities, such as paying bills, keeping in touch with family via email and social media, and checking the weather in the morning.

If the joints in your fingers are stiff, life becomes frustrating because even staying in touch with loved ones is a very cumbersome task. 


5.  Cleaning

Everyone enjoys a clean house to live in.  However, if you are limited in stretching, bending, and reaching, basic household tasks become overwhelming.

Your level of independence is significantly decreased because you need to rely on someone else to sweep, mop, and wash dishes for you.

If you have been struggling with joint pain, I personally know how painful that can be.  My husband and I both deal with it on a daily basis.  Gratefully, we have learned how to take care of our joints naturally without any side effects.  Within a couple weeks, we felt significantly better.  

If you are ready to live a more normal life and have a great range of motion, let’s connect for a short call so that I can learn more about what your struggles with your joints are.  Then, I can recommend some natural remedies that I personally use.

All you need to do is email me here, and I will reach out to you to schedule a short call.

I look forward to hearing from you!