3 Reasons You Keep Getting Colds | #immunity #cold #healthyliving #illness

Fall is officially here, and with fall, colds.  If you are tired of someone or other having a cold in your family, keep reading!  When you are suffering with a cold, you feel horrible with aches, pains, and possibly a fever.  You need an endless supply of tissues.  Then, if that were not bad enough, your nose is raw from blowing it so much!  Your head feels as though it’s ready to explode.  You are short with your family.

In addition, you are missing work when you feel under the weather.  You can’t be in home at peace because you are dreading catching up on everything when you return to work.

It’s a frustrating way to live!  Here are three reasons you may be catching every cold that goes around:

1.  You are washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap.

Ok, soap already is supposed to kill germs, right?  So why on earth do you need anti-bacterial soap?  Isn’t that like saying “whitening bleach”?

As a matter of fact, anti-bacterial soap is harmful for you.  The FDA never approved it for use (source).

This kind of soap actually dries your hands out.  What does it mean when your hands are dry?  Your skin is your number one defense against germs, and when it is dry, it cannot protect you against germs.

2.  You are not receiving proper nutrition. 

First of all, if you are eating processed food, you cannot get nutrition from fast food and processed food.  You may say, “Luba, I eat fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods.  I have to be receiving all the nutrition I need!”

First of all, great job for eating well.  Second, I eat almost all organic food, and I can still tell my body is not receiving proper nutrition from the food.

You see, God commanded farmers back in the Old Testament that they were to allow the land to rest every seven years.  This was not just a command God made up.  When the land rests, the nutrition is replenished.  Do you know any farmers that let their land rest?

Also, Dr. Mercola says, “Generations of farming reliant on the use of chemicals has rendered American farm ground sterile and literally lifeless, unable to hold either nutrients or water, a problem the U.N. says is a grave threat to human health.”

As you can see plainly, your food is not giving you much nutrition at all.

3.  You consume large amounts of sugar.


Sugar, although it can taste good, has zero nutritional value.  It’s just empty calories.  (source)

What is very concerning, though, is that sugar feeds disease, including the common cold.  The average adult in the USA eats 135 pounds of sugar per year.  (source)  Is it any wonder that colds are so common, and why our nation as a whole is chronically ill?

Sugar also gives you an energy high; then a crash.  When you are tired, you are more prone to illness as well!

If you are tired of missing work, time with your children, and many other important engagements, I know how you feel.  A simple cold used to keep me down for one to three weeks–at the least.  Now within a couple of days at the most, I feel so much better.

If you are ready to prepare your body to feel better this winter and not suffer with low immunity issues, let’s talk.  I’d love to hear your story, hear how colds are affecting your life, and give you some recommendations that have worked really well for me.  Just email me here now, and I’ll get back to you soon to schedule a time to chat.

Have a beautiful day!