Do you really know what you are putting on your skin?



























My lotion has WHAT in it? 

Before a kind lady gently informed me that I may as well be wrapping my skin in plastic wrap as I applied my lotion, I was clueless.

Did you know that women apply as many as 515 different chemicals on their faces alone every day?  (Source)  In addition, these chemicals are absorbed directly into our bloodstream, without being filtered by the liver!   Are you concerned yet?

These chemicals can cause many health issues, including cancer!  So what can we do to know we are using quality skin care that will help us instead of giving us some kind of unwanted illness?

1.  Does it say “natural” on the bottle? 

Unfortunately, “natural” is a marketing ploy which means almost nothing.  Companies want you to think that you are using something amazing, when in reality you may or may not be.  For example, deodorant is applied directly to the skin, yet some “natural” companies have aluminum in their deodorant.

2.  Where was the skincare made?

When you see the label “made in China” on your watch, does it make you think that the watch is high quality?  Just as a side note, I have friends who live in China and acquaintances who are from China.  Chinese people are brilliant and are real workers.  However, the product that comes to the US from China leaves much quality left to be desired, and this is a reflection of the companies that manufactured the product, not a reflection of the beautiful Chinese people.

3.  Does the company that made the skincare allow tours of the facility where it was made?

This may seem odd to you; however, if the factory is an undercover operation, does that give you peace of mind about what you are putting on your skin?  Oh, and yes, I did tour the factory that makes the skincare that I use.  This is what I had to wear.  Do you recognize me?

Here are some more pictures from the factory where my skincare is made:

4.  Does an independent company test the purity of the skin care?

Yes, someone can make a lotion or face cream and tell the world that it is the most amazing invention ever.  However, if someone else validates that, the creator has much more credibility.  For example, a product can claim to have a certain eye-catching ingredient (and even a picture of that ingredient on the front of the bottle).  However, the FDA does not require any company to be truthful in their ingredient list.

5.  Are you supporting your skin from the inside out? 

Beauty is much deeper than the skin.  Our skin’s well being begins from within and does not just rely on what we apply to our face or hands.  In fact, our skin renews itself every 30 days; therefore, how our skin looks has much to do with what is deeper than the skin.

Did this list of questions start the wheels turning in your head?  The topic of skin care does not require hours and hours of research.  All of that has been done for you.

If you want to learn how to take care of your skin, let’s talk.  Email me here with the subject “skin care,” and I’ll respond soon to schedule a time to chat.


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