Is your skin prepared for the cold, wind, and snow of winter?

Summer’s sun may have been hard on your skin if you were outdoors often.  Winter has its unique yet very tough challenges for skin.

As the seasons change, the trees’ leaves are almost gone, and snow is headed this direction (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least), you want to make sure your car is prepared for cold (or, if you live where I do–freezing–temperatures.)

You make sure that your tires are suitable for winter.  If not, you replace them because driving on snow and ice is a completely different experience than driving on dry roads.  Your windshield wiper fluid may need to be changed for one that will not freeze when it’s thirty below zero.  In addition, your car battery needs to be functioning well.  Even if you live in the South, you want your heating in your car to be working very well!


In addition, you will prepare your house for winter.  Some plants will need to be covered or brought inside.  You may get out draft stoppers for your windows and doors or even insulate the windows with the plastic wrap.  Another chore on the to-do list may be to clean out the chimney of the fireplace.  You’ll want to bring inside any hoses so that they do not freeze.  In addition, you will want to make sure that your furnace is working because it gets cold very fast when it is not working!

You get the idea.  Taking care of your house and car before the first freeze or blizzard can do much to keep you safe, warm, and happy. 



All of the above is necessary to do to take care of two of your car and home.

Let me ask you this, what about your skin?  Your skin is your body’s largest organ.  When you take care of your skin properly, it guards you against germs, illness, and other unpleasant things.
When I was younger and did not know better, I did not take proper care of my skin.  It was often chapped, dry, and almost to the point of bleeding.  You see, I was using soap that dried out my hands, and not really doing anything to my face except washing it.

Just like our cars and homes that keeps you safe, skin does much to keep  you safe.  However, it takes some work to keep your skin safe.  For example, you may wear boots, coats, scarves and hats to protect much of your body from the elements when you go outside in cold weather.  Often, though, it’s easy to forget mittens or gloves for the hands.

However, the part of your body that is most exposed to the elements is your face.  Just take a moment to stop and think of the snow, sleet, wind, and freezing temperatures that come directly in contact with your face every day during the fall and winter.

Your face is your first impression.  Just like your house and car, if you do nothing to prepare it for winter and cold, your skin will suffer.  Think of how dry and cracked your skin can become, even to the point of peeling.  It can also get so dry that it feels like sandpaper!  That has happened to me personally!

No, taking care of your skin is not being vain.  It’s taking proper care of your body to avoid germs, bacteria, and viruses entering into it.

Wind is most likely the harshest on your face.  Have you ever line dried laundry?  In my experience of line drying, even a small breeze is more beneficial to a faster drying time than quite a bit of sunshine.  The same is with your skin.  All the wind in the winter dries it out, and you need to replenish the moisture properly. 

Even inside your home, the air can be very dry due to central heating and other factors.  In other words, your skin can suffer inside almost as much as it does outside.  If you take long, hot showers, your skin will dry out as well.

Please note that not all products are created equal, nor do all of them help your skin.  Some of them actually prevent your skin from breathing.  That is never a good thing!  Go here to read my article about my favorite skincare and its benefits!


If you want to make sure that you are taking proper care of your skin by keeping it moisturized, let’s talk.  I’d love to hear what happens to your skin each winter, what products or practices have not worked to keep it moisturized and healthy, and how you want your skin to look and feel.

I’ll be happy to share what procedures and products have worked for me, and we can determine if they would be a good fit for you as well.  If you would like a call with me, simply go here to email me I will get back to you within a day to schedule a time to talk.

Have a beautiful day!


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