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You have meticulously made out your gift list for this holiday season.  Next, you are stuck thinking about a variation of last year’s gift that you can purchase for them.  Wait!  Did they even like last year’s gift?  A box of Godiva seems so impersonal.  Does he even wear ties anymore?  What is her dress size?

Does this scenario sound familiar?

One of the busiest seasons of celebrations is almost upon us, and on top of all that is the gift giving that goes along with it!

After all that thinking and no decisions made, you kick into emergency mode and head to the mall.  Wearily, you push through the endless crowds, and spend hours and hours diligently searching for what is on your list.

After visiting ten or twenty stores, your feet are so tired, you never want to see the inside of a mall again, and you still need to go home to wrap all those presents.  Meanwhile, in the back of your mind, you are secretly wondering if your family, friends, and loved ones will even enjoy what you purchased for them!









What is the solution?   Let me help you with your gift giving experience this holiday season easy and enjoyable – and better yet, you can give something that is practical and that they probably don’t already have. 

You won’t have to face the daunting crowds at the malls, and I’ll take care of your entire gift giving process!

The Aloe Infinite Skincare Set is the solution to your holiday shopping dilemmas.


This holiday season, treat your friend, family member, or loved one’s skin from the inside-out with the Infinite Skincare Set. This exquisite gift set includes firming complex (vitamin), firming serum, hydrating cleanser, and restoring creme. It’s perfect for the cold weather months because it:

• Hydrates
• Firms
• Restores

In addition, you will also receive an Aloe Scrub with jojoba seeds that are gentle enough for your face, hands, and feet (to exfoliate dead skin cells) for FREE!

And, here is the great news:
• It’s for all skin types (aloe adapts to your skin).
• It’s for men and women.
• It contains no fragrances whatsoever (perfect for people who are allergic to fragrances).

Included with this beautiful set is a gift bag and ornament. I will ship it to anywhere in the USA for you!

Hurry!  Expiration is December 11, 2017 (December 4, 2017 for orders outside Twin Cities, Minnesota area).

Email me right away to reserve your Infinite Skincare Set(s)!