What?  You can consume aloe?  You mean it’s not just for sunburns?  Yes, you read that correctly!  While aloe soothes sunburns amazingly well, it is just one of the many uses for this plant.  Alexander the Great conquered an entire island with his army one time because the island had aloe growing on it.  He knew that aloe would help his soldiers!

I’ve been drinking aloe for five years now, and I feel better than I did a decade ago.  Here are nine reasons to consume aloe!

  1. Digestion

While your pancreas produces some enzymes that your body needs, it does not produce all of them. Aloe supplies the enzymes that your pancreas does not. In addition, aloe helps your kidneys and liver, the two main organs that detox your body, to work properly.

When you digestion is off, much of the rest of your body will be off. You’ll have headaches, backaches, and all the other unpleasant aches you can think off. Heartburn and colitis also can affect you when your digestion is off. Acne occurs because of toxins in the gut.

  1. Hydrating the skin

No matter what the season, your skin needs to be properly hydrated. In the winter, weather is drier, and in the summer, your skin is drying out from sun exposure. Your skin’s health actually begins in your gut (see #1 above). For years I had a dark circular spot on my wrist. After drinking aloe consistently for a while, I noticed all of a sudden that the spot was gone!

  1. Soothing effect

Just last night I could not sleep because of an upset stomach. After I woke up, drank aloe and water, I was able to fall asleep rather shortly with a calm stomach.

  1. Nutrition

Aloe contains 12 vitamins, 20 minerals, and 18 amino acids (building blocks of proteins). What a super food! In addition, aloe has B12, an important vitamin that many vegetarians are missing.

  1. Natural energy levels

Aloe helps to promote good metabolism, which is energy that the body needs to function all day. With all the nutrition that aloe has, is it any wonder that you can feel better when you take it every day?

  1. Immune support

Aloe takes care of your digestive system, where over half of your immune system is. In addition, the nutrition from the aloe may help you with your immunity.

  1. Daily Detox

There are many cleanses and detoxes on the market which can be done every so often. Aloe is safe to take every day. It’s important to detox every day because your body is encountering food dyes, pesticides, insecticides, and pollution every day.

  1. Natural pain inhibitor

Tylenol, advil, and aspirin used to be stocked in my home at all times. Now I have no need for any of those because I have aloe. Aloe penetrates deeply in your body unlike many other products and can block pain.

  1. It has no side effects.

I remember going to the doctor and receiving a prescription years ago. Almost every time I took a prescribed medication, I experienced a side effect. On the other hand, as I’ve ingested aloe for five years now, I have not experienced any side effects but rather many health benefits.

If you are ready to consume aloe, it’s important you receive the highest quality of aloe.  You want to make sure that it is the right species, the right age, grown organically, and just the inner gel (not the outer leaf).  Also, do not purchase aloe from China or aloe that has water as its first ingredient on the list.  The aloe also needs to be certified by the International Aloe Science Council.

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