Gift-giving can be a stressful chore especially when your parents may have everything or are vague about what they want.  Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are both right around the corner, and if you are stressed out about the perfect gift for your parents, you can relax.  When you are not sure what artwork Mom would like better or which shirt color Dad prefers, you can give a gift that they will use often and one that will not create more clutter in their home.  Allow me to help you add an extra touch to your parents’ special days.



1. For the dad who is meticulous about his appearance:

Aloe Shave will help your dad to get a close shave and will leave his face soft and hydrated due to multiple moisturizers.  Gentleman’s Pride has a mild, masculine scent and will leave Dad’s face feeling as though it has not been shaved.  Both products are made of the highest quality stabilized organically grown aloe vera and do not contain alcohol.  Learn more about them both in this video.

2. For the mom who needs a de-stressing session at home

Aroma Spa Collection is the perfect gift for the mom who may have just about everything, yet needs some time to relax–without leaving the house.  Since she is on the go most of the time, a spa appointment that will take an hour of her precious time to drive to is out of the question.  Each product is infused with lavender to help promote a tranquil experience!  It is the ultimate pampering gift for a lady who has done so much for you!  Contents include Relaxation Bath salts (Dead Sea salt), Relaxation Shower Gel, and Relaxation Massage Lotion.  I personally use all three products and LOVE them!

3.  For the dad who travels for business:

Forever Travel Kit contains all of Dad’s essentials as he travels – shampoo, conditioner, bath gelee, toothgel, and moisturizing lotion.  Each product is made of the highest aloe vera gel; the set is packaged in a an airline-approved sizes in a pouch (as pictured above) for quick and convenient packing.  My husband found this set to be very useful when he traveled frequently for work.  I personally use all these products myself and love them too!

4.  For the mom who likes to look her best

The Infinite skincare set is a state-of-the-art skincare for mature, aging, and drying skin.  Can I tell you a secret?  Even though my skin is not that old, I LOVE this entire set.  The restoring creme has 15 different conditioning ingredients.  It’s perfect for the mom who is sensitive to fragrances because it is scented only with essential oils.  I’ve used this set for a few months now, and my skin has never felt softer!

5.  For the active parent who needs an extra boost of nutrition to keep going all day:

ARGI+ is a formula that has received a Nobel Prize for its research.  It helps maintain healthy circulation, lungs, heart, digestive system, and so much more.  In addition, it has anti-aging hormones and gives your body what it needs to keep going all day!  I use this product every day as well and have reaped many benefits from it.

All local purchases come with gift wrap and will be hand-delivered to you.  As a bonus, the first seven orders will receive a bonus of a European chocolate (Laima) from Riga, Latvia.  To see which of these products would make sense for your parents, email me here, and I will reply to you on April 28.  I would love the opportunity to help make Mother’s Day and Father’s Day special for your parents.

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