I couldn’t remember what I had said!  A few years ago I was overseas for humanitarian aid purposes.  Along with facing jet lag, we were doing manual labor (not digging wells, but also not just sitting in a desk).  In other words, I was exhausted.

On the bright side, we were fed wholesome and delicious meals made from scratch, something we found a luxury since we were college students.

One day, I just could not do it anymore.  I felt terrible, and the mom of one of the girls traveling with us said I should go back to our living quarters and lie down.

Hours later when I woke up, I felt somewhat better, but not completely.  It was dehydration.  Yes, we had amazing food, but I was not getting enough water.

One of my friends had mentioned that she had said something to me, I had sat up, had a short conversation with her, and went back to sleep.  They told me what I had said, but I did not remember being awake, much less talking to anyone.

Thankfully, I drank quite a bit of water and was fine after that.  This was winter, yet we were in a very arid environment.  Thankfully, it was not summer, because something more serious could have happened.

Your body is at least two-thirds water (source).  When there is not enough water in your body, nothing can function properly.  Even your blood is made of water.

During the summer, you lose more water due to perspiration, which is actually a very healthy function of your body.  Therefore, it is vital to make sure you are drinking enough water.

What can happen when you do not drink enough water?


Your body needs water to flush the toxins out of it.  If you feel as though rocks are in your stomach, you may be dehydrated.  If you are drinking enough water and still have digestive issues, you may need this.


Most people tend to reach for the Tylenol or Ibuprofen when they get a headache.   Next time, just drink a glass or two of water and see what happens!  You may be pleasantly surprised.


If you have gotten enough sleep and are still tired, you are probably hydrated.  Consciously drink more water, and see what happens!  If you are sleepy, you also may not be getting enough fresh air.  Go here to read more.


Yes, water is necessary to keep your skin hydrated too!  If you are not drinking enough water, you can appear much older than you really are.

Joint Pain

Water also lubricates your joints.  If you are experiencing pain in your shoulders, knees, wrists, or ankles, you may need to drink more water.

Finally, here are a few tips to stay hydrated this summer:

Drink a glass of water immediately in the morning.

You’ve been asleep for 6 to 8 hours, and your body needs to be hydrated.

Drink more water before and during prolonged times in the heat.

Being proactive is the best way to avoid dehydration.

Fill up two to three water bottles and take them with you when you are headed out of the house for the day.  

When I worked eight-hour days, I would bring an entire gallon of water to work with me and would drink most of it.

Drink pure water, not tap water.

Yes, water is good for you, but bad water is not good for you.  Tap water contains many chemicals that harm you.  If I drink water at a restaurant, I get a headache.

Avoid sugar and sugar-filled drinks.

This includes sports drinks.  They are often filled with fake sugars and other toxins which are very unhealthy.  Yes, these drinks can be purchased very inexpensively, but the long-term cost of them is high.

If you are experiencing health issues and are highly motivated to go the natural route, I can help you.  Email me here, and I would love to hear what your challenges are and teach you what worked for me in getting rid of them.

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