Someone is sick.  Clean, disinfect, and bleach the entire house!  How often have you thought about this when illness has entered your home?

Cleaning is an excellent idea and should be done on a regular basis.   However, it’s easier and less stressful to keep the germs out or at least at bay rather than deal with illness.

Take your shoes off immediately when you enter your home.

Think of all the places your shoes walk:

  • On grass sprayed with insecticides
  • On parking lots with oil spills
  • In public restrooms
  • In high traffic areas such as restaurants, stores, state fairs
  • On hiking trails

You want to take your shoes off so that you are not taking the germs from the above places all over your home.  Plus, you will be keeping your home cleaner!

Bonus tip:  clean the bottoms of your shoes every so often with a gentle all purpose cleaner.

Wash your hands after you take your shoes off.  

After a routine trip to the grocery store, you have touched the following germ-filled objects:

  • Door knobs in the store
  • Shopping cart handle
  • Cash or credit card (when was the last time you cleaned your credit card?)
  • Your car/house keys

After returning home from work, you have encountered germs in the following places:

  • Your computer keyboard and mouse
  • Elevator buttons and door handles
  • Condiment and salad dressing bottles in the break room
  • The surface of your desk (when was the last time you cleaned it?)

It’s important to wash your hands right away so that you not contaminating objects and surfaces in your home.  You want to make your home as safe as possible.

Keep your purse off the floor.

I’ll be the first one to admit that my purse is on the floor in multiple places more often than I care to admit.  It’s on the floor at church, in my car, at networking meetings, and many other places.

When you enter your home, do not place your purse on a kitchen counter or table where your family eats.  If you do put it there temporarily, wash your table or counter with hot soapy water once you have removed your purse.

Bonus tip:  wash the outside of your purse, especially the bottom of it, on a regular basis to ensure that you are not spreading germs unnecessarily.

Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash
Clean your cell phone. 
You are touching your cell phone all day by checking notifications, checking your email, making phone calls, checking the weather, and listening to podcasts or sermons.  Think of what you touched before you touched your cell phone.
Your steering wheel?  A door knob?  Your keys?
Your cell phone is touched many times throughout the day and needs to be cleaned often.  If you are not doing so, clean your cell phone weekly.

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Have a designated place for your keys.

This place should be as close to your door as possible.  Please keep your keys off surfaces as much as possible.  If you don’t want them hanging up, have a specific container to store them within a few feet of your entering your home.

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If you struggle with germs in your home and have illness in your family often, let’s talk.  It’s not about bleaching everything.  It’s about keeping germs and toxins out.  I’d love to hear your concerns and give you doable suggestions.  In addition, I have tried and true natural remedies that I have been using over five years with my family, and I can recommend which of these would be a good fit for you.  Email me here today to schedule our free chat.