How to Imrpove Your Vision without Glasses | #vision #naturalremedies

When I was growing up, just a few of my classmates in school had glasses.  Now more children and at a younger age need glasses.

Without good vision, you must have glasses in order to clean the house well, drive safely, perform your job properly, see the people you are meeting, and much more.

If you have glasses, you know that each year you should have an eye exam and get a new pair of glasses.  Usually your eyesight diminishes every year, and it can be depressing to watch your vision fade.

In addition, the cost for eye exams and eye glasses (and/or contacts) can add up quickly, especially if multiple family members need glasses.

If your vision decreases to a certain point, you can be considered legally blind.  You will not be able to drive, and it will become very difficult to live on your own.  You will be dependent on others to do much of what you have been accustomed to doing most of your life.

Some people tire of the expense and hassle of glasses and get LASIK or a similar surgery.  You must remember that with every surgery comes risks, and these surgeries cost quite a bit of money.

Here are some tips to improve your eyesight without glasses and without surgery.

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1. Eat foods that help your vision.

Most health issues are caused from a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body.  Eating the proper foods can help your vision.

Foods such as carrots, fatty fish, and green leafy vegetables.  Spinach, kale, and broccoli are the best green leafy vegetables for your eyes.  Yes, eating salads can help your eyesight!

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2.  Exercise your eye muscles.

You exercise other muscles in your body.  Your eyes have many muscles, and they are getting lazy if you do not exercise them daily.

Because of the increase of smartphone, computer, and television use, your eyes are focusing on objects fairly close to them most of the day.

If you work on a computer, take breaks to look away from the screen several times a day.  Focus your eyes for a few seconds on a “dot” on the window, then on a faraway landmark (house, car, telephone pole).

At first, this exercise may be overwhelming to your eyes, but do it as much as you can without your head hurting, and you will see a difference in your eyesight soon.

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3.  Stop eating heavy meals late at night.

Eating your last meal of the day as early as possible has many benefits.  Your body is repairing itself while you sleep.  However, if your body is digesting all the food you ate at 9 or 10 pm, it won’t have time to repair itself.

If you are famished at night, a smoothie or protein shake can help you feel full enough so that you can sleep but not too full that your body will be digesting food all night.

To avoid being hungry at night, eat a huge breakfast and a decent-sized lunch.  At dinner time you will not want a huge steak or half a chicken. 🙂

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