5 Tips to a Pest-Free Home #pests #clean #winterize

My sophomore year in college, I purchased more bug spray that I care to admit.  Our dorm room had a light right outside it, by the window, and there was a gap between the window and the window pane.

The previous two factors made it very easy for pests to get inside our room.  Spraying the room with bug spray became almost a weekly chore.  Spraying just one time did not keep them away.  The task had to be repeated multiple times.

It was disgusting to see all sorts of undesirable creatures running around my room, and that was all I knew to do to get rid of them.

Now that I think about what I did, I realize I was poisoning not just the pests coming in but also my room mate and myself.

Since I know better now, here is what I learned:

1.  Seal off any cracks or gaps between frames and doors. Basically, you want to block off entryways to the bugs that will be seeking refuge in your home when the weather cools down.  Your home is much warmer than the outdoors, and the pests will be looking for ways to get inside your home. One place we lived, there was a small hole or in the kitchen, and the ants were making themselves at home.

2.  Empty your trash often. Fruit flies are attracted to apple and banana peels along with other fruit and vegetable scraps. For this reason, it’s important to get the trash out of your home as often as possible. When we were in Europe earlier this year, it was interesting to see how tiny the kitchen trash cans were.  We were taking the trash out more often, but we could do that on our way out for the day. There was no time for fruit flies or other critters to get to the trash.

3.  Freeze bags of flour for 5 days before storing them in the pantry. Before I knew to do this, I would purchase flour, open it a few months later, and see that there were bugs in it.  To kill these bugs, place the bag of flour in the freezer for five days.

4.  Rotate items in your pantry. It’s easy to purchase five boxes of pasta when they are on sale because you are getting a good deal.  Be sure to rotate them properly, though.  Use the older pasta first, and the bugs will have less chance of getting to it. In addition, if you eat pasta twice a year, it’s not worth it to purchase five boxes when it’s on sale.  Look at the expiration date, and purchase only as many boxes of pasta as you can consume before the food expires.

5.  Store your wheat and grain products in air-tight containers. Your pasta and flour come in packages that allow pests to get inside them effortlessly.  By transferring these foods into mason jars or other glass containers, you are helping to keep those pests out of your food. If any food spills, clean it up right away, or you’ll have uninvited guests for dinner!

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