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It hurts to stand up!  You just returned from hiking a beautiful trail, and you are proud of yourself for getting outside and exercising.  It’s not been a priority, but you just decided on a whim to go on a date with your spouse.

Hiking is an excellent activity because you are getting Vitamin D from the sun, fresh air from being in nature, and exercise from all the movement.  In addition, if you hike with a friend or family member, you are spending quality time with that person!

Here are some suggestions for relieving sore muscles without medication (which always has side effects).

1. Exercise more often.

Muscles that are used often do not become as sore.  Instead, they become stronger.

Last week I played my clarinet for one of the first times in a year since I am no longer part of an orchestra.  After playing all the verses of four songs, my mouth muscles were sore.  Why is this?

Well, those particular muscles had not been used in a year.   Had I continued to practice my instrument at home for the past year, my muscles would have been fine.  In fact, they would have been fine after an hour-long practice.

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2.  Drink large quantities of water.

This is more something to do every day, but it’s worth doing.  You know that I am all about being proactive about health and not just reacting when a health issue comes up.  Water is important for your body to function properly.  Go here to learn more.

3.  Take a warm bath with baking soda or epsom salt.

If you like to take baths, soon after your walk you can take a warm bath with baking soda or epsom salt to soothe your muscles.  Epsom salts are rich sources of minerals.

4.  Increase your mineral intake.  

Mineral such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium are vital for muscle health.  Sardines, almonds, and broccoli are excellent sources of calcium.

Bananas, salmon and peas are good sources of potassium.  Foods that contain magnesium include spinach, avocado, and pumpkin seeds.

5.  Rest.

In our go, go, go American culture, the concept of rest is often looked down upon.  However, if you have done some strenuous movement without being accustomed to it, it’s wise to allow your body to rest.

Such movement would include running a marathon or half marathon, moving, or anything other movement to which is outside your normal day-to-day activity.  Remember, your body needs time and rest to repair itself.

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