5 Cancer-Causing Foods to Stop Eating Now #cancer #healthyeating #detox

Cancer rates are skyrocketing, and many people like to think it is due to genetics.  Genetics can play a role, yet you can be smart by controlling what foods you consume.

Cancer, like a fire, cannot survive without being fed.  Avoid these five foods, and you may lessen your risk of cancer.

1.  Canned tomatoes.

Yes, tomatoes are very healthy for you.  However, when they are preserved in tin cans, those cans are lined with BPA, a hormone disrupting chemical which also causes cancer.  The BPA is absorbed by the tomatoes because they are so acidic.

Alternative:  purchase any canned tomato product in a glass jar instead.

2.  Conventional meat

Conventional meat is treated with antibiotics and hormones to keep the animals from illness and to make them grow faster.  These hormones are going into your body when you eat the meat.  Be aware that “natural” is just a marketing ploy to make you think that you are purchasing better quality.  It rarely means that you are making better decisions for your family.

Alternative:  purchase meat from a trusted co-op or farmer.  It’s a small investment for your long-term health.

3.  Microwave popcorn

Did you know that the delicious buttery flavor of popcorn is not butter?  This chemical, called diacetyl, is so toxic that it commonly destroys the lungs of workers in microwave popcorn factories, afflicting them with the crippling and irreversible disease known as bronchiolitis obliterans. (source)

Alternative:  make popcorn yourself using this recipe.

4. Processed meat

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to choose convenience foods.  Did you know that eating 50 grams of processed meat every day (equal to about 4 strips of bacon or one hot dog) increased the risk of colorectal cancer by 18 percent? (source)

Alternative: use a crock pot or pressure cooker to cook your meat while you work or sleep.  You’ll save money and your health.

5.  Donuts

When I was in college, Sunday morning breakfast at church consisted of donuts. While there are numerous problems with donuts, the ones you purchase in the store have very high amounts of sugar.  In addition, the white flour from which they are made turns into sugar as well.  Sugar actually feeds cancer.

Alternative:  eat fruit and honey when you are craving sugar.

Go here to learn more about avoiding cancer.

Cancer is not something to fear but something to be actively avoiding.  Your lifestyle affects your cancer risk as well.

If you want to take steps to be a better steward of your health and to detox your body of all the years of junk food accumulated inside, let’s talk.  Email me using this form, and I’ll reply within 24 hours to schedule your free call.  I look forward to our conversation!

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