As long as I can remember, I’ve disliked going to the dentist.  When I was young, my aunts spoiled me with candy which I gladly ate.  My gladness definitely turned into dread when the trip to the dentist came–in the USSR.  I am not sure which was a worse punishment as a four- or five-year-old, getting teeth pulled or being separated from my parents.

Just a few years ago, my cheek swelled up terribly after I ate too much sugar one weekend.  The next summer, the same thing happened.  It was not pleasant to rush to urgent care and get antibiotics. Being older and wiser now, I’ve learned how to take care of my teeth and gums so that visits to the dentist do not equal new cavities discovered.

Here are five ways you can take care of your teeth and avoid cavities:

1.  Brush twice a day.  Use a soft toothbrush for best results. Remember to brush your tongue and gums as well.

2.  Avoid sugary drinks.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am all for limiting your sugar intake.  Sugary drinks such as carbonated beverages, sweet tea, flavored coffee, and fruit juices all contain high amounts of sugar.  Replace those with water as much as possible!

3.  Avoid harsh toothpaste. Harsh toothpastes can eat away at your enamel (source).  I liken toothpaste to cleaners.  You don’t need the harshest one to get the job done correctly.

Go here to read “Why You Don’t Need Fluoride in Your Toothpaste.”

4.  Avoid acidic foods.

Acidic foods can destroy the enamel of your teeth. Citrus fruits as well as pickles are foods to avoid for the health of your teeth.  (source)

5.  Eat real food!

Processed foods, along with sugary ones are detrimental to many parts of your health, including your teeth.  Eat whole, organic foods as much as possible.  (source)

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