7 Benefits of an Organized Home #declutter #organize #purge #organizedliving #organization #stress relief

“I know I have 5 of these, but where are they?”   Have you ever exclaimed this in frustration?  I surely have!

If you are not a naturally organized person, you can find someone more organized than you and ask what works for them.

Yes, it does take an investment of time to organize your home and keep it that way, and the benefits are numerous!

Many make New Year’s resolutions for their health and wellness.  In addition, a popular resolution is to get organized.  If you have not yet begun the process of organizing your home, here are a few benefits to consider (and to motivate you)!

7 Benefits of organized home organize declutter purge organization order

1.  An organized home can lower your stress levels.

One friend with whom I worked mentioned that her mom’s rule was that everyone cleans their rooms before bedtime.  Why?  Waking up in a messy, room causes stress.

When you can’t find your outfit for the day or discover that your food for breakfast is still frozen (and breakfast is in 30 minutes), life becomes rather stressful swiftly!

7 benefits organized home - saves time punctual organization organized

2.  Having an organized home can save you time.

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”

-Benjamin Franklin

If you know exactly where something is, you save much time (and therefore stress).  When you are looking for something, you probably need it right away.

3.  Having an organized home can help you be on time.

How many times have you been late for an appointment because you could not find your keys, purse, or something else you needed before you left your home?

organized home healthy eating soup salad wellness vegetables low carb

4.  An organized home can help you be healthier.

When you are organized, you know what day of the week you will go shopping, what ingredients you have, and where they are.  You know your family will be getting home right before dinner a certain day of the week.

Because of your organization, your family still eats a healthy meal such as soup that you just need to heat up.

You are not stopping to get pizza or tacos on the way home.  (Yes, I know from experience!)

5.  An organized home leads to a clean home.

How many times have you looked at a surface and know that it needs to be cleaned, yet it was so cluttered that you skipped cleaning it altogether? 

6.  An organized home saves you money.

When you know exactly where that pair of scissors, tape, or measuring tape is, you don’t need to buy another one.  Maybe you already have multipes of certain items, but you cannot find them because you are disorganized.

7.  An organized home is a larger home.

Do you want a bigger home?  You may be surprised to discover how much room you actually have in your home once you organize it.

For ideas to organize your home, take a peek at my Pinterest group board with several professional contributors.

What are your favorite benefits of an organized home?