If we spring clean, will spring come sooner?  Those of us who have had ample snowfall in the past few weeks and months may be quite ready for spring!

Here are five reasons to spring clean, if you may not be quite motivated–yet.

Spring cleaning has many benefits including alleviating allergy symptoms since you will be removing much built-up dust in your home.

Here are nine forgotten places to spring clean.  From there, you will probably think of five to ten others you may not have cleaned recently. 🙂


1.  Closet floors, shelves, and walls 

Do you remember the last time you took everything out of your closet and cleaned it thoroughly?  If not, this spring may be the perfect time to do it!

You may just find a few articles that do not belong in the closet, others to donate, and perhaps more to get rid of permanently!

2.  On top of the door frames

You may easily forget to spring clean the door frames, especially on top where much dust collects.  It’s an easy place to miss because most of us cannot see the dust up there. A chair or step ladder can help you.

3.  Inside and outside garbage cans.

You’ll want to clean all the garbage cans in your home.  It’s easier to do this task outside.  Fill each garbage can with hot water, some mild cleaner, and 5-10 drops of Defense essential oil (for disinfecting).  Let the inside soak while you liberally spray down the outside with a cleaner and scrub it down.

Drain the garbage cans upside down before bringing them back inside for use.

4.  Under beds

While you are probably not looking under your bed daily, dust collects there quickly.  You will want to move the bed and vacuum (or sweep and mop) thoroughly, including the walls and baseboards.

5.  Inside cabinets

Have you run your finger along a shelf in your cabinets recently?  You may be alarmed at how much dust has accumulated.  Take everything out of the cabinet, wipe down all surfaces (vertical and horizontal) with a mild cleaner, and neatly return the contents to their places.

If you have items in your cabinets that have become dirty or dusty, now is the time to clean those as well!

6.  Underneath couch cushions

Remove your couch cushions and be sure to look in the crevices too.  Use the attachment of your vacuum to vacuum underneath the cushions and in the crevices.

While you have your vacuum and attachment out, you may just vacuum the entire couch (all sides) along with the cushions.  If possible, launder your cushions.

7.  Behind furniture

The back of your furniture may be collecting dust and cobwebs.  Move the furniture, clean the back of the furniture, vacuum the baseboards and air vents, and you can breath better quality air!

8.  Under rugs

Take your rugs outside, spray them with cleaner, and use a stiff brush (like one to clean the bathtub) to remove dust and dirt.  Rinse the rug thoroughly and hang it up to dry.

If the rug is small enough and does not have a rubber backing, you can wash it in your washing machine.

Of course, you will also want to clean the floors the rug normally covers in your home.

9.  Ceiling fans

You will be horrified to see how much dust has accumulated on your ceiling fans.  Clean the tops, sides, and bottoms of all blades.  While you are up that high, take down the light fixtures and clean them in hot soapy water.


It’s an excellent idea to clean your ceiling fans; otherwise, when you turn them on in the warmer weather, all that dust will end up all over your house.

If you would like to learn about the exact products I have used for years to thoroughly and safely clean my home, I’d love to share with you. You will probably be surprised that my list is less than 7 products long.  Email me here now, and I will get in touch quickly to set up a free call to learn what your family’s cleaning needs are!