Often you do not know the true value of something or someone til you lose it or them. 

We often treat our health as though it is like paper plates or even a car.  It’s easy enough to get a new one.

Early in my twenties I faced the reality that I have only one body and must take care of it if I were going to do anything in life.

In addition, I’ve also observed others in their health and what limitations they faced due to lack of health.

1.  Poor health causes stress.

Learning that you have something wrong with your health is stressful.  The road to recovery may be uncertain or very long. 

You are stressed because you cannot take care of yourself and your family as you did before your illness.  Another stress can be the fact that you must delegate some of your responsibilities.  Worse, there may be no one to whom you can delegate them, and you must prioritize what does and does not get accomplished. 

Your family is stressed because they do not know how to help you or they do not know what they would do if you passed away.

2.  Poor health burdens your schedule.

You may need much extra rest and must rush to complete other responsibilities.  You may be too tired to do anything after a certain time in the evening. 

Doctor’s visits and other new responsibilities crowd out very important parts of your schedule. 

3.  Poor health can cause debt and other financial woes. 

With health insurance deductibles rising, no one can afford to be ill.  The number one reason for financial woes in the United States is medical costs.

According to a survey by the Kaiser Foundation, over 60% of people interviewed stated that they lost all their savings due to medical bills.  (source)

4.  Poor health burdens those closest to you.

I have an acquaintance whose parents have been through many health issues recently.  While she thinks the world of her parents, it is still definitely an immense task for her to be putting out fires for them all the time due to their health concerns.

5.  Poor health can cause isolation.

When you are not feeling well and need to stay home often, you may feel lonely and isolated.  You are unable to spend time with family and friends unless they come to see you. 

6.  Poor health can cause death.

People tend to ignore small symptoms that something is wrong.  Also, their bodies could be “holding on” til retirement, but I cannot tell you how many times some people seem fine until they turn 70 or 75.  That is not old in today’s standards, yet at 70, they are faced with a life-threatening illness.

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