It’s 2 pm, and you feel as though you need a nap.  You cannot focus on your work, and you may as well not be there because your productivity levels are zero.

You are discouraged because you still have more work to accomplish, and there is dinner to cook and the usual housework to do when you arrive at home.

Your days are full, and you feel that your important relationships are not getting the attention they need because you just don’t have any energy after a certain time in the day.

1.  Get more sleep. 

No, the answer is not energy drinks or coffee.  If you are consistently tired, you just may need more rest.  This may mean retiring earlier in the evening or increasing your quality of sleep.

2.  Drink more water. 

Most people do not drink enough water.  It’s easy to prioritize other activities over water drinking.  Instead of getting another cup of coffee, drink a glass or two of water.

3.  Move. 

If you are like me and sit at your desk much of the day, you will need to make a conscious effort to move.  Set appointments with yourself to get up and take a brisk walk.

4.  Skip the caffeine. 

Your body will thank you for the lack of crash later on.  Did you know that caffeine does not give you energy?  It just increases your stress levels to make you think you have more energy.

5.  Take a short nap. 

For various reasons, you may not be able to get more rest at night.  Take a 10- to 15-minute nap to renew your energy levels.


6.  Get some fresh air. 

If you are working inside all day, take a brisk walk when you are feeling tired.  Take part of your lunch break to take a walk or eat your lunch outside.  Alternatively, open a window for a few minutes for some fresh air.

7.  Eat!

Sometimes you have no energy because you have not been eating.  Have some snacks at your desk such as energy bites, chia seeds, and honey to give you a boost of energy when you need it most.

Avoid products with gluten for a few weeks to see if you feel better.  When I eliminated pasta and oats from my diet, I had much better energy levels and did not feel tired a few minutes after meals.

If you are struggling with low energy levels, I know how you feel because that is how I used to feel as well.  Go here to email me now for a complimentary call.  I’ll listen as you share exactly how you are feeling, what has not worked for you to increase your energy levels, and share with you the exact process and products that have worked for me and my clients.  

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