Are you sitting most of the day?  It’s easy to do.  We sit at work, at church, in the car, at meals, and in front of the computer or television.

Being inactive takes little effort yet could mean serious health issues for you one day.  A lack of exercise can lead to obesity and heart problems, among many other health issues (source).

On the other hand, exercise is a way to help your digestive system work better.  It’s an excellent way to have more energy without drinking caffeine, and it helps to detox your body through perspiration.

Here are seven ways you can add more exercise into your life:

1.  Begin by walking

Walking is a low-impact exercise.  Unlike running, it is gentle on your joints.  If you have not been exercising much, beginning with high-impact exercising can discourage and even stop you.

How can you walk more?  Begin by taking a walk around the block when you check the mail.

2.  Exercise with a friend.

I love to walk, but going on a walk by myself is sometimes very lonely.  When I walk with a friend, the time flies.  In addition, you are less likely to call a friend with an excuse not to walk.

If you had a friend a day with whom to exercise Monday through Friday (or even three days a week), you would get more exercise than most Americans do!

3.  Schedule a time to exercise.

It’s one thing to say you need to and should exercise more, but what happens?  Life happens, and exercising is left for another day.  If you make an appointment with yourself to exercise, you will be less likely to skip it.

4.  Make exercise part of your day.

Joining a gym is not necessary to exercise more.  Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.  Instead of using the dishwasher, hand wash your dishes.  Instead of using a mop, hand mop your kitchen floor.

If you work a desk job, take the longer way to the meeting, drinking fountain, or restroom.  Get up and visit someone in his office rather than calling that person.

5.  Organize a soccer or volleyball night with friends. 

Have a set day and time each week with friends to play your favorite sport.  You’ll get to see your friends and exercise at the same time.

6.  Choose activities you enjoy. 

Do you prefer bicyling over hiking or jump rope over walking? The most important aspect is that you are not sitting all day.

7.  Log your exercise time.

While there are plenty of apps for this, you can just use tally marks for every 15 or 30 minutes of exercise per day.  This activity will help you to realize how much or little you are exercising.  You can also have a contest with a friend for extra motivation!

What is your favorite form of exercise?

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