Life has become hectic and weary.  You need time to re-charge, spend quality time with family, and de-stress.  Therefore, you plan to take a vacation overseas.

Getting far away from where you normally live and work has numerous benefits.  However, it can also be stressful because you are in unfamiliar surroundings.


1.  Learn some of the language.

Yes, most of the world speaks English now.  You will show respect to people by at least attempting to speak in their language.  Learn to ask basic questions and to say “hello,” “good bye,” “thank you.”

By being able to communicate even on a limited level, you will save yourself much time, frustration, and stress.

2. Plan ahead.

Last-minute usually equals stressful.  Purchase your airfare and book your accommodations well in advance.

Make sure that your passports do not expire within six months of your arrival back to the US.  If you need to apply for passports or renew them, it takes time.  Do it right away!

Exchange currency while you are in your home country.  Be mindful of layovers in various countries.  If you are traveling in the European Union, not all the countries use the Euro.  You may need other currency to use in the airports, especially with long layovers.

3.  Stay longer than a week.

If you stay just a week or 10 days, you may not recover from jet lag before you need to return home.  You will also be in a hurry to see everything you planned to see.

4.  Pack appropriately.

Be sure to bring chargers and appropriate converters for all your electronics.  Trust me, you do not want to spend the time or effort to locate and purchase them at your vacation destination.

Check the weather forecast and always bring warm clothes no matter the season or destination.  Weather forecasts are helpful, yet the weather can change quickly.

Bring some comforts of home with you as well.  We brought snacks, our essential oil diffuser, and our own cleaner/laundry detergent in a small bottle.

For the future, I have noted to bring my own towels and sheets.

Go here to be sure you have the essentials for your carry on bag

5.  Keep your schedule reasonable. 

Do not plan to see the entire country or even city in the short time you are there.  Choose the most important sights to see.  While it is exciting to bring back pictures to show friends and family, you do not want to be exhausted from your vacation (and therefore need a vacation from your vacation!).  Remember you are there to rest and rejuvenate!

Leave plenty of time to pack and to arrive at the airport on your way there and on your way back.  You do not want to miss important international flights and make your vacation stressful.

To have a stress-free vacation, you need to feel your best.  How many people do you know that were hospitalized during a vacation or journey overseas?  I know several.  You certainly need to be prepared to take care of your digestion while you travel since you will be eating food and drinking water to which you are not accustomed.

To learn how to take care of your health before and during your vacation, email me here now for a complimentary call to learn the process and products I use every day.  You don’t want to feel ill, achy, or exhausted on your vacation! 

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