Years ago, people spent much time outside.  Farmers were in the fields for hours each day.  Women worked outside in gardens and hung their laundry outside.

Today much of that has changed, and our lack of time outdoors brings many undesired consequences.

Here are several reasons to spend more time outdoors.

1.  Vitamin D

The best way to receive Vitamin D is through the sun’s rays.  Spend more time outdoors to receive more Vitamin D.

Especially if you live in a cold climate, purpose to spend more time outdoors when the sun is out.

Did you know that your body must have Vitamin D in order to absorb calcium?  In addition, Vitamin D may strengthen your immune system. 

2.  Fresh air

If you use commercial cleaners in your home, the pollution levels in your home exceed that of the worst congested freeways in America.  In addition, air fresheners, paint, and mold can make the air quality in your home rather poor. 

It’s important to be outside to get fresh air and clear your head.

3.  Natural energy levels

How many times have you been tired until you spent some time outside?  It’s amazing what being outdoors can do for your energy levels. 

4.  Exercise

Hiking, walking, running, playing sports, gardening (along with working in the yard), and cycling–the ways to exercise outside are endless.  I take walks outside with family and friends, and they are always enjoyable.  Read about addition ways to exercise more here

5.  Better immunity

Who wants to be ill constantly?  Of course you do not!  Studies show that being outside can boost your immunity. 

Here are a few ways that you can spend more time outdoors:

1.  Eat outside

If you do not have a deck or balcony, you can have a picnic on the lawn or at a park.

2.  Work outside

If you work from home, take your laptop out on the deck and work from there.  You may be surprised how much more productive you are. 

3.  Read outside

I love to read and used to go outside and sit under a tree to read a good book.

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What is your favorite way to spend time outside?