While the weather is pleasant outside, most people want to spend more time outdoors.  The problem is that mosquitoes can abound make your outdoor outings either very short or very irritating. 

Even worse, mosquitoes can carry a variety of serious disease such as West Nile, Zika, and Keystone.

The solution?  Bug spray, right?  No, please don’t go to the store and purchase conventional bug spray.

DEET, an effective yet controversial ingredient in insect repellent, can cause the following health issues such as seizures, allergic reactions, and Gulf War syndrome (source).

Here is what you can do to keep those mosquitoes away:

1. Plant marigolds by your home.

Mosquitoes are overwhelmed by the scent of marigolds.  Grow them on your deck and in your garden.  You can also cut them, put them in vases, and repel mosquitoes inside your house!

2.  Avoid artificially scented personal care and skincare products.

A friend’s son was mowing a huge lawn one day and later told my friend (his mother) that the bugs would not leave him alone.  She told him that it was because he used shampoo that was too scented with artificial fragrances.

A couple of years later, a friend and I were talking nearby nature.  She was constantly swatting bugs, yet I had none around me.  It was because she was using personal care products that were artificially scented.

This would also include your laundry detergent since it does not completely wash out of your clothes.

3.  Repel mosquitoes with peppermint oil.

Please note:  do not use peppermint oil on young children, even if it is diluted.

For older children and adults, dilute a few drops of peppermint oil with carrier oil and apply to exposed skin. You may need to re-apply if you are perspiring quite a bit or if the scent fades.

Mosquitoes’ nervous systems do not like the smell of peppermint! 

When people think about being healthier, they often think about working out and eating fruits and vegetables.  Often what they overlook is the chemicals they are putting in their bodies via their skin every day.  If you are curious about natural products that will not harm your health, let’s talk.  Email me here now, with the subject “personal care” and I’ll reply within 24 hours to set up a complimentary chat with you.

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