A lack of water in your system is dangerous.  During the summer, you lose water due to perspiration.  You may also be dehydrated due to being inside all day in very dry air conditioned air.  During the winter, the air is very dry naturally, and you need to drink water to hydrate your body.

A lack of water can can cause fatigue, headaches, sleepiness, stomachaches, and even hospitalization due to severe dehydration.  Your body also needs water to support digestion and to keep your skin hydrated. 

Here are a few ways to drink more water throughout the day:

Take water with you everywhere you go.

Having water with you wherever you go is an excellent reminder to drink it.  Also, if you have water with you, you may not be as tempted to purchase soft drinks and other not-as-healthy beverages. 

Replace carbonated beverages with water.

Carbonated beverages are full of unhealthy calories, fake sugar, and food coloring.  Water is more economical and hydrating rather than dehydrating.

Use a larger water bottle.

The more water you have to drink, the more you will drink.

Drink a glass of water immediately in the morning.

When you wake up, you have not been drinking any water for six to eight hours.  Start your day off right by re-hydrating your body!

When you feel hungry between meals, drink water before you snack.

While you may think you are hungry, you body is actually telling you it is thirsty.  Drink a glass of water or two and see if you are still hungry afterward. 

Drink water before meals. 

Drinking water before meals will support your digestion, and it will help you to avoid overeating. 

Drink water instead of caffeinated beverages.

Yes, it may take some time to reduce your dependence on coffee, but it is a rather dehydrating beverage.  If you must drink your coffee, be sure to drink three cups of water for each cup of coffee you drink to avoid dehydration. 

Drink water instead of juice.

Most juices are not as healthy as you would like to think.  They are full of added sugars and chemicals to make them taste identical. 

Fill up multiple water bottles the night before, and make it your goal to drink them all before 7 pm each day.

When you are in a hurry and need a water bottle right away, it is helpful to have several filled up and ready to take immediately. 

Keep water bottles in your car and home office.

Use refillable water bottles, and always have them on hand to make sure you are avoiding thirst and dehydration. 

Set phone reminders or alarms to help you to remember to drink water.

Life can get hectic.  Prioritize your health by setting reminders to drink a glass or half bottle of water throughout the day.

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