Home is my favorite place to be, but not when it’s 100 degrees inside!  I have learned how to keep our home cool and wanted to share my discoveries (learned via reading and via experience) with you.

While the air conditioner is an option to keep your home cool, it does dry the air out, blow dust all over your house, and can make you sick.  Read more of the seven downfalls of using your A/C frequently here.

When it’s too hot inside, you are drained of your energy, you can’t sleep well, and all you can think of is how to cool off.

Here are a few tips to keep your house cool this summer:

1. Open your windows at night when it is cool.

You want the fresh air that open windows bring.  Close your windows and blinds in the morning when the temperatures begin to grow warmer.

Bonus:  You’ll sleep better in the cooler temperatures.

2.  Limit cooking and baking to early morning or later at night.

You do not want to warm up your house in the middle of the day when it is warm enough already.  Bake and cook when the house is cooler (and when you can open windows to let the cool air inside). 

3.  Cook in batches.

When you do cook, make sure there are plenty of leftovers.  It will not take much longer to cook a double or triple batch of something, and it takes just a couple of minutes to heat up food.

The less your stove and oven are on during the summer, the cooler your home will be. 

4.  Utilize your grill.

When you cook outside, your house stays cooler.  Plus, if you live in a place where there are cold winters (and springs, and falls 😉 ), you will want to take advantage of the warm weather outside to grill more.

You can grill meats and vegetables and use different marinades to make your food taste delicious.

5.  Use crockpots in the basement or lower level of your home. 

Crockpots (or slow cookers) are small and will not heat your house up as much as your stove and oven will heat it up.

As a bonus, place your crockpots in a cool area of your home (downstairs or in the basement) to avoid heating up your home.

6.  Hang damp sheets over your curtain rods to help cool the air. 

It’s the old-fashioned, economical way to keep your house cool.

7.  Use ceiling fans. 

Ceiling fans will keep the air circulating (like an outside breeze) and will cool the temperatures inside your home.

8.  On days when the temperature outside is cooler, open windows to enjoy the cross-breeze.

Again, bringing cool air inside will help keep your house cool this summer.

If you would like to learn more about keeping your house a pleasant and non-toxic place to live, let’s talk.  Email me here now, and I’ll reach out to you in 24 hours or less to schedule a call on Zoom or the phone.  I’d love to learn your needs and concerns and help you address them with natural remedies and healthy products for your home.  It’s important to take care of your concerns right away so that they do not grow into larger and more urgent concerns. 

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