When you think of being healthy, you probably think of eating fruits and vegetables as well as exercising.  Both of those are vital to every one.

However, your healthy food can be contaminated by the method of storing or cooking it. 

Toxins are not just in your body.  They are in the air, in food, and in products around your home.  Here are five toxic products that are probably in your kitchen! 

1.  Dish soap

Dawn dish soap (which I used almost exclusively years ago) may dry out your skin and cause allergies and respiratory issues.  Go here to learn more about it. 

Dawn Botanicals is even worse for you! 

Ok, let’s look at something more “natural.”  Method cleaners, mostly found at Target, are full of harmful chemicals as well.  Personally, they are much too scented for me and dry my hands out. Seventh Generation also has poor reviews from EWG

2.  Oven cleaner

Oven cleaners are very toxic.  Health concerns respiratory, reproductive, skin allergies, and even cancer!  You can view their reviews here

To avoid using toxic oven cleaners, clean your oven right away after its use.  It’s much easier to clean up spills and stains while the oven is warm.  All you need is a mild all purpose cleaner and possibly some baking soda.  Spray the cleaner liberally inside the oven, let it soak for 10-15 minutes, and wipe clean. 

3.  Crock pot liners

Crock pot liners are very convenient.  Clean up after a meal is quick and painless.  However, when the liners are heated, the chemicals in them leech into your food.  In addition, the heated liners can easily burn skin on contact. 

What is the alternative?  Clean your crock pot, or at least soak it right away, after a meal, to make clean up easier. 

4.  Non-stick cookware

Harmful chemicals make the cookware non-stick.  Instead of using non-stick cookware, use cast iron or stainless steel. 

5.  Plastic food containers

Plastic is everywhere.  The benefits of plastic is that it is inexpensive and difficult to break. 

The downside is that acidic foods (think pasta/tomato sauce) especially will draw out the chemicals from the plastic.  Furthermore, if you re-heat your food in a microwave, the plastic will emit even more chemicals into your food.

What is the alternative?  Use glass or stoneware containers to store your leftovers.  Stainless steel containers are usually safe as well. 

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