Your health is your greatest wealth here on earth, and most people think they should take care of their health by eating many fruits and vegetables.  That is an excellent start.

Did you know that products in your bathroom can negatively affect your health? 

Products that touch your skin are absorbed into your body much faster than food is absorbed.  Therefore, what you put on your skin affects your health as much as the food you eat. 

While there are many of these toxic products, we will focus on just five today. 

1. Toothpaste with fluoride

You need fluoride for healthy teeth is probably what you have heard for most of your life.  Did you know that fluoride does absolutely nothing for your dental health and yet can cause severe health problems? 

Fluoride is especially dangerous for children.  Go here to read Why You Don’t Need Fluoride in Your Toothpaste

2.  Plastic shower curtain

Plastic shower curtains emit toxins into your bathroom.  You and your family breathe these toxins.  You can read more about the danger of plastic shower curtains here

To make your bathroom less toxic, replace your plastic shower curtain with one made of fabric. 

3.  Air fresheners

A room that smells good is pleasing to the nose, yet air fresheners and room sprays fill your room with many toxic chemicals. 

Well before I started on my health journey, I thought they smelled overpowering and fake. 

These fake fragrances can cause a multitude of health issues.

What can you do?  No, you don’t have to tolerate awful smells.  Go here to read The Top 9 Scents for Your Home

4.  Shampoo with sulfates and fake fragrances

Sulfates help your shampoo to create a lather, yet a lather is not what gets your hair clean.  Sulfates strip your hair of its natural oils and damage the protein of your hair. 

If your hair is colored, permed, or naturally curly, you especially want to avoid sulfates in your shampoo. 

Fake fragrances attract mosquitoes to you in the summer.  No matter what the season, these fragrances can cause multiple health issues.

If fragrance is in your shampoo, it should be one of the last ingredients (indicating that there is a very small amount of it in your shampoo).

5.  Bleach

Bleach is added to many cleaners, but it is harmful to your skin, respiratory system, and the environment.  If you clean your bathroom often enough, you will not need bleach to get rid of tough stains.

Bleach actually gets your bathroom too clean.  Yes, there is such a thing.  It kills off everything, and there is such a thing as good bacteria. 

To clean your bathroom (and the rest of your home), you just need one gentle all purpose cleaner. 

If you are curious about specific products that you can replace in your home and your bathroom to improve your family’s health, join us Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at 7:30 pm Central Time in a closed Facebook group to learn more.  Bring a friend because we will have a door prize, no purchase necessary.  If you are busy during that time, join anyway; there will be a replay for 48 hours. 

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