School has resumed, the weather is cooling down, and fall will be here shortly.  I am thrilled because fall is my favorite season.  Although I love the cooler weather and colorful leaves, I do not like flu season. 

One way to avoid illness is by keeping your home cleaner.  It does not need to take hours each day.

Another benefit of a cleaner home is that it is a peaceful, welcoming environment that your family can enjoy. 

As you eagerly anticipate pumpkin flavored beverages, apple picking season, and hayrides, here are a few ways to enjoy those activities plus the fresh air of fall instead of spending time miserably ill. 

 1. Use a welcome mat. 

You may be disappointed in my first suggestion.  Instead of recommending my favorite cleaner, I am encouraging you to buy a welcome mat.  Yes, because it is easier to keep dirt and germs out of your home than to get rid of them and the illness they bring. 

Be sure to place a welcome mat outside your door as well as another mat immediately inside your door. 

Go here to read more about keeping germs out of your home.

2.  Keep cleaning supplies in your kitchen and in each bathroom.

You will be more likely to clean when the cleaning supplies are within reach.  In addition, if there is a spill or something that needs to be wiped up immediately, your supplies will be on hand to get the job done.

Keep a set of cleaner and rags or paper towels under your kitchen and bathroom sinks so that you are not looking for the cleaners when  you need them.

3.  Use liners for your trash cans.

Trash cans become smelly enough when you do use liners.  If you do not use them, you will need to clean your trash cans each week (especially the bathroom and kitchen ones). 

Plus, your garbage collecting company probably requires that all your trash be bagged and tied.

Another quick tip is do not re-use liners.  They should be thrown away with the trash.

4.  Clean your bathroom sink and mirror daily.

The bathroom is one of the most difficult places in the home to keep clean (along with the kitchen).  Water, dirt, dust, and germs collect in the sink; the mirror is constantly being splashed with water.  Soap and toothpaste tend to splatter the sink. 

If you clean the sink and mirror daily, it will stay much cleaner.  In addition, the cleaning will not require a large amount of scrubbing or time, especially if you keep your supplies in each bathroom as mentioned above. 

Make sure you clean the faucet handles that are being constantly touched. 🙂

5.  Make your bed. 

Ok, making your bed may not keep germs away, but it will do wonders for keeping your bedroom looking clean and neat.  If the rest of your bedroom is perfectly organized and cleaned, an unmade bed will take away the focus of all your cleaning efforts.

Making your bed takes just a few minutes of your time each morning and yet makes such a difference in how clean your room appears.

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What are your favorite tips to keep your home clean?