He broke his back in a car accident due to a lack of sleep.  My freshman year in college, one of the young men, keeping an unrealistic college schedule, broke his back. 

Lack of sleep does not build character.  Rather, it destroys your health.  Yes, you may need to pull a late night here or there to finish something very important, but that should be the rare exception, not the rule. 

Here are 7 Signs That You Are Too Tired. If you are exhausted, you definitely should do your best to rest more.

Here are just 7 dangers of a lack of sleep: 

1. Lack of sleep can raise your blood pressure.

If you go on very little sleep long enough, you may have heart problems, a heart attack, or a stroke. 

2.  Lack of sleep can make you ill.

You cannot control the germs you encounter when you visit the grocery store, bank, and gas station; yet you can control how much sleep you get.  Your immune system needs rest to function optimally. 

3.  Lack of sleep can make you irritable and moody.  

If you are catching yourself being short with people and becoming upset or angry with them, check how much sleep you have gotten in the last few weeks.  I have personally noticed how much more cheerful I am when I get sufficient rest. 

4.  Lack of sleep can make you overweight.

When you do not get enough sleep, your body will have very little energy unless you eat extra.  Those extra calories add up fast.  In addition, you will probably be craving junk food, which contains empty calories and many chemicals. 

In fact, if you get less than five hours of sleep per night, your risk of obesity increases by 50%! (source)

Instead of starving yourself, make it a priority to set an earlier bedtime. 

5.  Lack of sleep can cause car accidents.

Although you may not fall asleep at the wheel, a lack of sleep means that it takes longer for your brain to process information.  When you are on the road and driving in crazy traffic, you need to be alert and awake, especially since others may be sleepy and distracted.

6.  Lack of sleep can affect your career. 

Your mind needs sleep in order to focus.  It’s a paradox how people forego sleep in order to work.  I have personally found this to be counterproductive.  Get enough sleep consistently, and you will be amazed at your increased focus and productivity. 

7.  Lack of sleep can increase your risk of diabetes. 

If you are not consuming desserts and other foods high in sugar on a regular basis and yet your blood sugar is high, talk to your doctor and consider getting more sleep. 

How much sleep do you need?  Adults need between 7 and 8 hours, typically.  Teenagers need between 9 and 10 hours, and children need 10 or more hours of sleep her night. 

If you are having trouble sleeping at night, here are some ways you can de-stress to help you wind down for a good night’s rest. 

How do you make sure you get enough sleep each night?

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