The weather has cooled down significantly, and it’s time to drink hot chocolate.  It’s tasty, and it keeps you warm.

Before you go to the store to purchase Swiss Miss, please consider the following:  it has an excessive amount of sugar (27 grams in just one serving!), and there are other ingredients which are less than desirable to put into your body.

Before you discard the idea of drinking hot chocolate, let’s consider the benefits of cacao.

Cacao is a superfood which is high in magnesium and iron.  Most women are deficient in both minerals to some extent.

What you will need to make your healthy hot chocolate (gluten free and dairy free):

  • 1 heaping teaspoon cacao powder
  • 1 teaspoon Forever Bee Honey (the only honey we have in our home)
  • Boiling water
  • Room temperature water

You can certainly adjust the amount of cacao powder and honey according to taste.

Honey is a natural sweetener with many health benefits.  Go here to learn more about it.

Pour boiling water into a twelve-ounce cup til the cup is half full.  Add the cacao powder and stir until it dissolves.  Next, add some room temperature water until your cup is almost full.  Finally, add about one teaspoon of Forever Bee Honey and stir.  Enjoy!

There are two reasons for adding room temperature water.  While you need boiling water to dissolve the cacao powder, that same boiling water will destroy the health benefits of the honey.  Adding room temperature water will help to keep the honey’s healing properties.

Second, you don’t want to burn your mouth and tongue while you are drinking this healthy hot chocolate.  Adding the cooler water will shorten your waiting period for the hot chocolate to cool down enough to drink it.

My husband drinks this hot chocolate every evening, and it has been very beneficial for him.  If he is hungry, it satisfies his cravings for food so that he is not eating too close to bedtime.

If you are used to the commercial brands of hot chocolate and are used to very sweet drinks, you may probably want to add more honey and gradually decrease the amount of honey you are using.

If you feel as though you are addicted to sugar, especially after the holidays, I understand.  Remember I wrote that I could eat an entire bag of Twizzlers in 24 hours by myself?  Now I do not crave sugar because my eating habits are much different and because I am consistently giving my body proper nutrition.

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Do you like hot chocolate?  I’d love to hear your feedback once you have tried this recipe.

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