The medical world has a pill or surgery for everything.  Unfortunately, instead of addressing the root of the problem, they will often treat the symptom.  Are you overweight?  They will gladly perform surgery to make your stomach smaller instead of recommending fitness and healthier heating habits. Do you have back problems?  There is a surgery for that as well.

Please do not misunderstand.  I have friends and family members in the medical field, and they are some of the most compassionate people I know.  They also are not in charge of the system.  In addition, medical intervention is a life-saver in many cases.

Often, the challenge can resolved with proper nutrition.  Here are just five examples.

1. Declining eyesight

If your eyes are like mine, you can spend hundreds of dollars per year on eye exams, glasses, and contacts.  If you become weary of paying hundreds of dollars annually on your eyes, there is the option of laser surgery.  Wait!  While surgery can be a quick fix and a huge relief, it’s not necessary to improve your eyesight.  Did you know that supplying your eyes with proper nutrition can reduce, if not completely eliminate, your need of glasses?  Go here to read more about improving your vision without glasses.

2.  Broken fingernails

Ladies, whether you like an elegant manicure on your hands or just well-maintained fingernails, a broken fingernail can be painful and undesirable.  Men, broken fingernails are painful and can be a nuisance.

Did you know that proper nutrition can help your fingernails be stronger?

3.  Frequent illness

Being under the weather for weeks at a time was my “normal” until I began caring for my body with proper nutrition.  Now I am ill less often and for much shorter periods of time.  For example, I was not feeling well Sunday and left church early.  By Monday morning, I was feeling 100% better.  Several of my customers have had similar experiences!

Often you do not need antibiotics or pain killers (what doctors often prescribe for strep throat, upper respiratory infection, and the flu).

4.  Brittle hair

When your hair is not as healthy as you like it to be, your first impulse may be to switch shampoos.  While the type of shampoo you use is a huge factor, the nutrition you feed your hair is vital too.  Your shampoo should be providing nutrition to your hair!  Of course, you can take nutrition internally to aid your hair even more.  Go here to learn how to reverse dry winter hair.

5.  Sugar cravings

Sugar is everywhere and in almost everything.  From donuts or cereal at breakfast to sugary snacks to overly sweet desserts, we are bombarded with sugar constantly.  Did you know that your body can misinterpret your cravings?  When you think that your body is craving sugar, it is actually craving nutrition or water.

I take several vitamins every day. When one bottle is depleted, I usually replace it immediately.  Recently, I unknowingly failed to do this with my multi-vitamin.  When I began craving sugar, I was puzzled.  Then, I finally realized a week or more later that my multi-vitamin was not with all the other vitamins I take every day.  Can you guess what happened when I resumed taking the multi-vitamin?  Yes, I do not crave sugar!

Are you struggling with a health challenge?  I can relate to you since I have dealt with a few health challenges of my own.  The sooner you begin to address your health issues, the less complicated they will become.  If you are ready to get to the root of the problem instead of putting band-aids on your struggles, I am here to help you.  Email me here now with the subject “nutrition,” and I will reply to your email within 24 hours to schedule a chat on Zoom or the phone, whichever you prefer.  I’d love to hear your story, share mine with you, and share the exact product that have worked for me.  Let’s talk before things get out of hand.

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