Being grateful is part of being healthy.  Ingratitude can make you unhealthy.

Here is a list of just five recent blessings in my life:

  1.  Snow.  As I am typing this, we are receiving our second snowfall of the week!  Maybe it’s our third.  I lost count.
  2. Jennifer Scott’s YouTube channel, the Daily Connoisseur.  It’s a refreshing look into the life of a homeschooling mom who prioritizes her family and her health.  She always looks lovely, even when she stays at home all day. 
  3. My health.  This winter has been a terrible one for the flu, and I am grateful that it has not affected our family very much.
  4. Books.  I am grateful for health and homemaking inspiration from them.  I love to learn, and listening to a book while I wash dishes or dust is more interesting than sitting in a classroom, although I am grateful for my education.
  5. Healthy food.  A couple of months ago my husband and I went on a relaxing getaway for a long weekend.  Since we brought all our own food along, purchasing food on our trip was not a concern.  However, I am not sure how far we would have to drive to purchase healthy food.  It’s a blessing to have three stores with high quality food where we can shop. 

It’s your turn!  In the comments, list a few things or people for whom you are grateful.