Did you know that being thankful is good for your health? 

Here is my short gratitude list for this week:

  1.  Beautiful walking weather.  Temperatures are rising, and snow is melting.  It has been a joy to have taken several walks this week already!
  2. Our accountant.  I used to take days to do our own taxes, and now Matt Engelmann of 3 Rivers Tax Service does ours.  It’s a huge blessing to get our taxes done professionally.  He has saved us much money and even more stress.  He is certified nationally here in the United States and does meetings via Zoom to save you travel time. 
  3. Audiobooks.  This week while driving, cooking, and cleaning, I have already listened to three audiobooks.  It’s a joy to learn while I work and drive. 
  4. A multi-purpose cleaner.  I used to purchase multiple cleaners.  Now I save money by purchasing one cleaner that cleans my laundry, dishes, floors, kitchen, bathroom, car (inside and out), windows, mirrors, and much more. 
  5. Friends.  I am grateful for my quality friends who take time out of their busy lives to spend time together and to inspire me. 

It’s your turn.  For what or whom are you grateful?  Please share in the comments below.