Schools are cancelled, people are panicking by buying unimaginable amounts of paper products, and we are practicing social distancing.

In just a few short days, our lives here in the USA have been greatly altered.  For our European friends, that change came weeks sooner. 

The best way to deal with illness is to avoid it all together.  Here are a few ways to be healthy and to make good use of your time while you are home:

1.  Learn a new skill.

What have you wanted to learn that you have not yet?  Photography?  Knitting?  Html?  Making your own salad dressing? 

Since you are at home, you can use the time to learn something new.  Learning something new is healthy because it will keep your mind sharp and prevent you from reading the news constantly. 

2.  Listen to calming music.

Being stressed out won’t help matters and will actually aid in your becoming ill.  In a world that is uncertain, be calm. 

3.  Read.

Reading is a daily task for me.  I love to learn new things by reading.  If you want to learn a new skill, you may want to read about it first.  Even if you cannot go to the library, you can read ebooks from your library and physical books you have at home.  Go here to learn more benefits of reading. 

4.  Go outside. 

The fresh air and sunshine will be good for your health.  If you do not feel comfortable walking through your neighborhood, play with your children in the back yard.  If you do not have children, you can do yard work or drive to a park and walk there.  As I have been sitting here typing by a window, I have seen very few people outside.  If you are practicing social distancing, you can still be outside! 

5.  Spring clean

Now is an excellent time for a deep clean for many reasons.  It’s almost spring, and you can take advantage of the extra time you have at home to at least begin your spring cleaning.  Go here and here to learn more about spring cleaning.

6.  Cook your meals from scratch.  

Restaurants are closing, but you can still eat by cooking at home.  Create something new with your food.  Try a new recipe.  If you have children, this can be a time of instruction for them. 

7.  Open your windows.

Fresh air in your home will help you to sleep better.  It will also make your home smell better by airing it out.  If it is still cold where you are living, open a window in a room, but close the door so that the entire house does not cool down.  You can do this room by room. 

Go here to learn how to increase your home’s air quality. 

8. Plant a garden. 

If you are someplace warm, you can actually plant your plants outside.  If you are living where it is still below freezing at night, you can begin your gardening inside in small containers.  If you do not have an area outside for a garden, you can begin a container garden and grow lettuce, herbs, and even tomatoes. 

Go here to learn the benefits of gardening. 

9.  Wash your hands.

Yes, we learned this in kindergarten, but one of the best ways to avoid illness is to wash your hands.  Wash them before preparing food, after taking out the trash, after touching money, before eating. 

What are your favorite healthy activities during times of illness? 

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