It has been an interesting two weeks here, yet God is always good.  Being thankful is a way to get our minds off the negative and to count our blessings instead.  Gratitude is good for your health too!

Here is my short list of blessings for this week:

  1. My family is all healthy so far. 
  2. We have food, shelter, clothing, and much more.
  3. I have taken three walks this week already. 
  4. The book of Psalms has been an encouragement to me, and the book of Proverbs has challenged me.
  5. It has been a joy to listen to the audio book The Jane Austen Diet.
  6. My husband’s job and my business have not been affected negatively in this pandemic.
  7. The library extended the due date on my books by longer than a month. 

What are your blessings for this week?  Please share in the comments below.