The stock market is not doing well, but it is never a bad time to invest in your health.  As this pandemic continues, many of the people who are losing their lives were not healthy before the pandemic.  In other words, their immune systems were compromised. 

Although you cannot go back in time one year and take better care of your health, you can work to eliminate unhealthy habits that are compromising your immune system. 

These are all areas in which I have struggled greatly in the past, and most of them are an ongoing process for me.

1.  Sitting for most of the day

I understand.  I work from home, and much of my work is computer or writing work.  I also love to read. 

If you work a desk job or finding yourself sitting for long periods of time, consciously get up and walk around the room for two minutes every twenty minutes.  This was a fascinating discovery from the book The Jane Austen Diet

You can also take breaks from sitting to do housework.  I combine housework with reading by listening to audiobooks while I clean, cook, and wash dishes.

Exercise is good for your immune system because it helps to stimulate your digestive system (keep reading to learn more about digestive health). 

2.  Breathing indoor air

Indoor air is very polluted especially if you use commercial cleaners, burn commercial candles, and have new furniture.

Being inside is detrimental to your respiratory health, in other words. 

The best activity is to be outside in the fresh air.  Go here to learn more about why you should spend more time outdoors. 

If you cannot exercise outdoors, at least sit outside while you read a book or drink a cup of tea.  If you are not able to go outside at all, at least open a window to air out your house.  🙂

3.  Avoiding sunshine

Being in the sunshine is the best way to receive your vitamin D.  Proper levels of Vitamin D are vital for your immunity. 

Winter is past, and spring is here.  Take time to be outside to breath fresh air and absorb vitamin D. 

4.  Drinking sugary beverages

Sugar kills the good bacteria in your gut and can make you ill.  A good digestive system is essential to support your immunity because most of your immune system is in the gut. 

Right now is not the time to indulge in fancy coffees, sweet teas, carbonated beverages, and excessive amounts of fruit juice. Yes, you read that correctly.  Most fruit juices have added sugar.  If you want to enjoy your fruit juice, use one or two teaspoons of it to flavor a glass of water.

5.  Eating restaurant food

As someone who ate embarrassing amounts of fast food and my fair share of restaurant food, I can tell you that it did not help my weak immune system.  Restaurant food is often pre-made and just heated up for you.  It also has huge amounts of salt, sugar, or both. 

Now, if you have a friend who is a local restaurant owner, cooks from scratch, and keeps a very clean kitchen, by all means support your friend’s business.  Otherwise, it’s time to eat at home

6.  Staying up too late

Staying up late to be productive has rarely worked in my favor.  Since your most restful sleep is before midnight, it’s vital to honor your bedtime.  Have you tried waking up earlier instead of staying up late?

Staying up late usually means that I am not able to wake up on time the next day, and when I wake up late the next day, I feel very much behind. 

Worse than feeling behind is that I have not given my body time to repair itself.  Go here to read more about the dangers of depriving yourself of sleep. 

7.  Stressing about circumstances

Stress levels are rather high right now.  While circumstances have changed drastically in the last three or four weeks, many of those things you cannot control. 

On top of all those circumstances, you may have family hardships or have extended family members with severe trials. 

Stressing out won’t help you or anyone.  However, it may damage your health significantly. 

Stress depletes your body of vitamins C and D, both of which you need to maintain your immunity. 

Instead of stressing, count your blessings every day. 

As someone who struggled with a low immune system for many years, I can relate to those people who are often ill and are tired of being ill, yet do not know what they can do.  My husband and I have greatly benefited from specific products that I would love to share with you. 

If you want give your body proper nutrition and a way to absorb that nutrition, let’s talk.  Email me here now, and I will respond within 24 hours to schedule a Zoom or phone chat.  I would love to hear what has been hindering your progress, share more of my story, and give you specific recommendations that have helped me. 

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