When life is uncertain and things are changing rapidly, it is good to slow down and be thankful.

This week, I am thankful for the following:

  1. Daily walks.  It has been a blessing to get fresh air and exercise daily.  Some days the weather is warmer; other days, it is cooler, yet being outside is rather refreshing.
  2. Food.  I am grateful that we have healthy food to eat and for God’s provision of it.
  3. Health.  It is such a blessing that none of my family or friends have the virus. 
  4. Working from home.  While others are adjusting to working remotely, I am blessed to continue business as I had been doing for several years. 
  5. Family.  It is a blessing that family is nearby and that we can be there for each other.  Although it is not necessarily possible to see each other now, it is good to know some of them are nearby. 

It’s your turn.  For what are you grateful?   Please share in the comments.