You are home all day, and your feet keep walking into the kitchen for a snack.  Before you know it, your clothes do not fit very well, and this is not a good sign since the clothing stores are closed. 

Your stomach feels bloated because your hobby has become eating.  For healthier activities during a pandemic, read this article

Overeating leads to weight gain, and you are upset with yourself because your goals for this year are not close to being met.  Extra weight is hard on your heart and joints and can cause other health issues. 

If you are frustrated with yourself for eating excessively, here are some tips to help you:

1.  Determine meal times and eat only then.

Most people have a different schedule now than they did a month ago. Meal times may not be the same as they were last month, but they should not vary from day to day. 

Even if you are a diabetic and purposefully eating smaller meals more often, do not graze all day.  Yes, I am guilty of this myself.

As a bonus, having set mealtimes will help you and your family feel more secure because you have something definite planned.  Your children will not need to wonder if there will be meals because they are at the same time every day. 

2.  Snack on whole foods, not on junk food.

If you must snack between meals, eat fruits and vegetables.  They are real foods that contain fiber to help keep you full.  When you feel full, it is easier to stop eating. 

3.  Keep junk food out of your home.

Junk food has empty calories.  This means that you can eat an entire bag of chips or half a dozen cookies and still be hungry.  Your body needs nutrients from foods, and junk foods do not provide nutrition.  Therefore, you can eat and eat and eat and eat without feeling full. 

4.  Drink plenty of water.

Your body tells you that you are hungry but does not say for what it is hungry.  It can be hungry for water.  If you think you are craving food, drink a glass of water first.  Go here to learn 

5.  Go to bed at a decent hour.

Your body will thank you for the proper rest which will help your immunity.  As an added bonus, you cannot eat while you are asleep.  🙂 

Bonus tip #1:  Keep your stress levels in check by limiting your intake of social media and news media.  If you need to, take a one-day or one-week break from social media.  Set specific times as well as time limits to consume news and social media. 

Bonus tip #2:  Always eat at the table.  Whether you are eating lunch or a snack, get out a plate and put all your food on it.  Then sit at the table and eat.  When you are eating straight out of the refrigerator or out of a bag of food, it’s easy not to notice how much food you are eating.

Here are three ways I can help you during this time:

1. To support your immune system.
2. To give your body proper nutrition (to help you avoid overeating).
3. To help you obtain essentials such as soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, and laundry detergent without your needing to leave your home.

Email me here to set up a complimentary consultation.  I will respond within 24 hours to schedule a Zoom call or phone call, whichever is more convenient for you. 

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