Stress levels have been high.  Children are at home learning via technology.  Many parents and small business owners are working from home.  Grocery shopping has changed.  Worship has changed, even though many churches have discovered creative ways to have church. 

Small business have suffered and continue to suffer.  Although I work from home and my brick and mortar store was not shut down, I still understand how vital the income from a small business can be to a family. 

Basically, life has changed more in the last two months than it probably had in the last two years, or even twenty years, for some. 

High stress levels for prolonged periods of time are dangerous.  You can read more about that here.

In addition to all that has been mentioned above, there is no return to normal in the near future. 

What we Americans are “expected” to do is to plow through, do things no matter what, and make things happen.

Yes, this has and still is a tragic time for some.

May I suggest that this may be a time for extra rest?  “Rest?” you say?

Yes, while there are many places we cannot go, we can be home, and that is the best place to rest.

Don’t misunderstand me.  My husband and I were very much looking forward to an overseas trip that has been indefinitely postponed.  I like going to the library.  I don’t enjoy being told I can’t go places.

However, this is an excellent opportunity to rest.

Let’s look at the beauty of the present circumstances.  You don’t need to decline invitations that you would otherwise feel pressured to accept. 

Coffee shops are not open for endless networking opportunities for us business owners.

Most church services are online. 

Spending an afternoon window shopping at the mall is not an option.

There are no concerts, sporting events, or invitations for restaurant dinners.

Maybe God is giving us an opportunity to rest?

I have personally experienced how a week or two of no scheduled activities (except church and meals) is rejuvenating for me.  Stress just disappears. 

Here are some ways you can make your day or week of rest a success:

  1. Put it on the calendar. 
  2. Tidy up the house.  It’s more pleasant to rest in a clean home.  Plus, a de-cluttered home reduces stress. 
  3.  Prepare and freeze some meals.
  4.  Plan simple but enjoyable activities.
  5. Turn on your vacation responder. 
  6. Stay off social media as much as possible. 

Here are some restful activities for you to consider:

  1.  A healthy meal outside (picnic or on the deck/balcony)
  2.  Reading outside or inside (This is the perfect way to travel without concern of safety or germs.)
  3.  A leisurely walk in nature
  4.  Art (coloring, painting, drawing)
  5.  Going to bed early
  6.  A day with older relatives (only if you are healthy and they are perfectly fine with your visit)
  7.  Play a musical instrument or listen to relaxing music

Stress depletes important nutrients from your body and makes you more susceptible to illness.  If you would like a personalized recommendation for natural remedies to replenish the nutrition you have lost through stress, email me here now.  I will respond within 24 hours to schedule your free consultation. 

What are your favorites ways to rest and relax? Please share in the comments below.

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