Did you know that being thankful is healthy for you?  It improves your mood too.

Here is a short gratitude list for this week. 

  1.  Healthy food to eat.  It is a blessing to have healthy food while many people around the world are struggling to have enough food.  I feel very blessed.
  2. My health.  While some are very afraid to catch the virus due to a compromised immune system or respiratory issues, I am blessed to be healthy. 
  3. Indoor plumbing.  I remember a pump in our yard when I was a young girl.  Today all I need to do is turn on the faucet to get water.
  4. Fresh air.  It is a joy to open windows and breathe fresh air.  I think of people who are in hospitals or other places where there is no fresh air.
  5. Exercise.  I am blessed to be healthy enough to take walks to improve my health. 

It’s your turn.  Please share your gratitude list in the comments below.